Monday, July 30, 2012

Metabolism Miracle-Week 2

2 weeks down....6 more to go!
That seems so far away!

This week started off much easier. I knew exactly what I could eat. I cooked 2 new dinner meals that we all LOVED. I started a recipe blog (click here) to keep track of all the recipes we love (even ones not on this plan).

Mostly this week I've eaten:
Breakfast-low carb protein shake, hardboiled egg, string cheese, 1 slice of low carb toast with butter and sugar-free allowed jelly
Lunch-made my own chicken tenders with homemade taco seasoning (from this recipe) on low carb tortilla, lettuce, tomato, shredded cheese, sour cream
Snacks-string cheese, almonds, peanut butter cookies, celery with peanut butter
Late night snacks have been sugar free jello with whipped cream or a treat of ONE Ferrero Rocher truffle (only if it's been 5 hours since my last 5 g of carb)

I'm so sick of scrambled eggs/egg whites and turkey bacon! So I've been trying to change things up this week at breakfast. I miss cereal =( I'm getting sick of salads too but I've loved the chicken soft tacos I've been making. I ordered the cookbook for this plan ($10 on Amazon) and it's still not here! 

I went out to eat once (first time in 2 weeks!) to Red Lobster and just had grilled salmon and grilled shrimp which were both neutral so I could eat as much as I wanted of those! And side of broccoli and side salad (no croutons or carrots). I still counted this meal as a 5g though because the dressing online listed 3 g of carb in it.

It's been harder this weekend to just grab something quick to eat with the girls constantly needing me for something. I havent had time to cook up a snack and I need to cut back on the almonds/nuts/peanut butter. They're good but so high in fat. I've already noticed improvements though and I did cheat and stepped on the scale to peek-6 lbs down already!

Hopefully it just gets easier and easier from here on! I'm loving that all my shorts feel loose already!

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