Sunday, July 22, 2012

Metabolism Miracle-Week 1

I debated this past week whether I'd blog about this weekly or not. I decided to go ahead in case anyone else decides to give this a go, maybe this would help. Some may not agree with this diet and that's ok, but please be respectful for others who choose to try this out. It has a huge success rate and it's more than just losing weight. It's more about learning to eat healthier.

So if you havent heard of this before, a dietician named Diane Kress wrote this book "The Metabolism Miracle." I heard about it from Suz Steece's blog and she just raved about how great it made her feel (she has 4 year old quads and doesnt need to lose a pint of weight in my opinion!).

Basically this diet is about restarting your metabolism by taking a break in carbs/sugars for 8 weeks. It's to give your body a break in the amount of insulin it produces. It goes into great detail all about this in the book so I'll spare you all the long wording on that! So for 8 weeks you drastically reduce the amount of carbs/sugars you eat. Only 5g every 5 hours is what you're allowed. I'm a big carb/sugar lover so this is huge for me! The reason I chose to try this is the way it talks about people having different kinds of metabolism and I checked off almost every single symptom of "metabolism B" in the book. I'm not gonna lie, this first week has been a little rough. The first 3 days I felt light-headed a little and shaky. The best thing that's gotten me through it is family support and joining the Miracle-ville forum online!

So my first week has been exhausting, mostly because I've been cooking literally 3 times a day everyday. Then cleaning up after each cooking. Healthy, but tiring yes. The foods I've mostly eaten this week are egg whites (scrambled or omelette with peppers and onions), turkey bacon (baked in oven!), 1 slice of carb-allowed bread, almonds (plain & dry roasted cinnamon & cocoa), colby jack cheese stick, tuna salad, all kinds of seasoned chicken breast and fish fillets, carb-free peanut butter cookies that I made, baked cauliflower (tastes just like tator tots I swear!), celery sticks with natural peanut butter, homemade salads loaded with veggies & low fat dressing, raw veggies with ranch, homemade chocolate muffins (they're really low carb!), half an Atkins protein bar, Atkins low carb protein shakes, salmon, steak, roasted squash & zuccini, and I made 2 recipes from the book/forum-cheesy broccoli casserole that wasnt too appealing and shepherds pie that we all loved! We devoured that thing-I'll definitely make it a lot!

Mostly I've learned a LOT more about food and reading ingredients/nutrition facts. I had no idea carbs were in SO MANY things-even if they say "low carb." I'm really annoyed with food companies "lying" on their packaging. And I had no idea there were so many different names for sugar.

So that's the jist of this week. It's been the hardest but it's supposed to get so much better. My cravings for sugar have already subsided. I'm not supposed to weigh myself until the 8 weeks are done but I will say my clothes do already feel pretty loose. I've been drinking a TON of water, green tea before bed, coffee with breakfast, and taking vitamins daily. I'll update weekly with how it's going in case anyone's interested! I'm eager to try a lot more new recipes this week so I dont get bored on the same 'ol. Stay tuned!

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