Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Maine Vacation: Part V

Friday I asked Rylie if there was anything left she wanted to do in Maine on our last day and she said paint!

So Gaga set her up an easel and his paints

And she went to work on her masterpiece. So cute!

Then we got ready to head to the lobster pound for early dinner!

I ordered her a special shirt from Becca (another she can pass down to Remy) and this lobster hairclip from etsy and they matched perfectly! It was a cute surprise for Mimi.

Beautiful day at the lobster pound! We had a great view and Rylie loved playing on the playground.

Course our last day there was perfect weather! lol

Menu of yummy food and wine! oh yeah!

Mimi and Gaga

Me and hubs. Dont you love his Maine hat I bought him? I might steal it from him.

Remster ate her own dinner (in between chewing on the table cloth lol)

"I'm gonna eat ya!"
I enjoyed the lobster more this year-most likely because I wasnt pregnant. I think I'm a good fan now and will most likely eat it more than just once a year in Maine. Although, can you really get it any better than fresh in Maine?! =)

That night we did "chocolate marshmallows" as Rylie calls them (s'mores). She'd been requesting them all week but the weather was warmer than last year so we borrowed their neighbors firepit so we wouldn't have to heat the house with the back porch fireplace.

She made hers first, took one bite, then was done.

But she wanted to keep making them for everybody! It was SO cute! She put her hands together and said "Does anybody want some more?" like she was our server or something lol

Little tot was sleeping so good while we did our s'mores. It was hit or miss with her on if she slept well each night. Sometimes we were up at 4am, sometimes 6 or 7.

We headed out about 10am (9am Houston time) Saturday and it was a LONNNG day. First a 3 hour drive and lunch to the Manchester airport, rush to catch our plane, realized we left our video camera on the rental car (grr), flew for 2 hours to Chicago (Remy fussed the first half of that, then slept), switched planes and flew 2 hours to Houston (thankfully Remy slept most of that!), then as we were landing Rylie bit the inside of her cheek bad. She was screaming and crying as we landed and refused to walk off the plane. So I carried her, my purse, diaper bag, and David had Remy, his laptop, and got her stroller at the gate. Rylie and I headed to baggage claim and realized in the craziness we left both our dvd player and my big picture camera on the plane! So I called David who had to go back through security with Remy to get back on the plane to get them (thankfully they were still there!)

Rylie and I got all our luggage and carseats and by then it was 9pm! We were done! It took 12 hours to get us home and it was quite stressful, but thankfully we did make it back in one piece with no delays and David's mom who left the day after us was able to get David's video camera from the rental car place at the airport. It all worked out and we had a great vacation. Cant believe it's already been a year since we first went. Already cant wait to go back!

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"Hey u wanna s'more? Some more of what? No, do you want a s'more? I haven't had anything how can I have some more of nothing?! You're killing me Smalls!!!"
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