Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Maine Vacation: Part IV

Wednesday morning Remy was so cute drinking her breakfast bottle with Rylie's nightgown on! Mimi thought it was Rylie's & put it on her while we were on our date. It was so stinkin cute & I cant believe it didnt look overly huge on her. Guess she'll fit into Rylie's clothes quicker than I thought.

We hung around the house since it rained all morning which meant lighthouse would have to wait another day. Which was fine with all of us. It was so relaxing! After grilling hot dogs & hamburgers we headed to the same spots we sat last year for the Damariscotta firework show! The girls were so cute in their patriotic attire.

Thankful for this sling carrier since Remy's getting heavy and just wants to be held a lot!

Rylie tried some sparklers we bought but wasnt too into them. I got her cute R shirt from Becca. I try to be strategic & order shirts I can pass down to Remy hehe

I tried to get Remy to nap since it was almost 9pm! But she wasnt having it! Too much going on around her!

Finally the fireworks started! Remy was so cute and just sat and stared at them. Rylie loved them!

Thursday morning Gaga and the girls were swinging in the courtyard.

Then we finally headed to the lighthouse! I'm bummed because I didnt readjust my camera after fireworks so I had to edit them quite a bit and they're still not the best quality. But they turned out cute still!

I bought these outfits 50% off last Summer in a boutique waiting for this trip for the girls to wear them! I ordered bows last minute from Holly. I just love this picture. Our girls are getting so big. 

Family shot!

David hung out with Remy outside while Rylie and I did the tour.

She was hoping to be tall enough to go to the top, but she's still quite too short. I told her she could stand on the bottom step lol

Here's what it looks like looking up into it!

Around the museum's some neat things. This was a 28lb lobster found in the 60's or 70's around there. Almost the size of Rylie!

We wandered outside more.

Such a pretty view!

We just sat on the rocks for awhile enjoying the view and quiet and the salty smell.

It was another cloudy day and very windy. The water was pretty choppy.

Then it was time to head out. Until next time Pemaquid Point lighthouse!

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~Shelly~ said...

Great shots! I love all their outfits ;)