Monday, July 9, 2012

Maine Vacation: Part I

Today Remy is 10 months old! We're going crazy right now getting back into the swing of things after spending all last week on vacation in Maine! I took 800 pictures! So it's taking me awhile to get through them all. I'm going to have to divide them into several posts.

We left early last Saturday morning.

Thankfully Remy slept most of the 2 flights up there. We switched planes in Baltimore then landed in Manchester.

Rylie was SO cute pulling her own suitcase with her backpack on. She was a great helper! We picked up a rental car in Manchester and then drove 3 hours to Mimi and Gaga's cottage in Bristol (about an hour outside of Portland)

As soon as we arrived, Rylie ran through the house like a bolt of lightning and to the backdoor to her swing!

So happy to be back on her swing!

Rylie and Gaga swinging!

And this year Remy has a baby swing too!

And she loved it!

Gaga also showed Rylie this cute little tractor he found for her that she pedals like a bike. She loved it!

I took a few pictures inside the house this year. This is the living room. The front doors to the right and straight ahead the doorway leads to 1 bathroom and 2 bedrooms.

This is the room David, Remy, and I stay in. 

Mimi and Gaga have awesome neighbors in Maine who let us borrow a lot of their grandkid's toys for Remy. We had her in this exersaucer in the living room, turned away for a second, and turned back to this above. She climbed out!

And was on the prowl lol She had some exploring to do. She wasnt going to be contained!

After a yummy pizza for dinner, we were all exhausted and hit the sack. This is a back view of the cottage from the swings. Great first day in Maine!


~Shelly~ said...

Just as I pictured a house in Maine would look like! So cute, I am jealous hehe!

Jennifer said...

Looks like an amazing trip! Love all of the girls' outfits!