Friday, July 20, 2012

House Tours-Foyers

This week's home tour is foyers!

Walking in the front door of our house view

Standing slightly to the left to see more of our foyer

Immediately to the right is our office which I never included before. It's always messy! I CANNOT keep this room clean. Mostly because it's a lot of David's work things, video editing equipment that I have no clue what it is or where to put it.

We moved the hockey table in here when we cleaned out the media room upstairs to make into a playroom (it's almost finished-pics coming soon). And I've tried to get David to get rid of more of his college textbooks from 10 years ago but he will not give them up lol

Little accent table and pictures in the right corner by the office door-you can see our front door and dining room too

Our front entryway. The curtains have been up for about 3 years to block sunlight & give privacy but the sun's faded them tremendously so I'm thinking of doing beige ones next. I also want to add a curtain rod to the square part of the big window on top and a beige curtain up there too for the summer time. Afternoon sun comes riiiiight in that big window & heats the house a lot! It's a cheaper fix than having someone professionally tint the window.

To the left of our front door is the formal dining room which you've already seen

Into the left of the foyer

Is a powder bathroom that I just redecorated a little. I didnt take before pictures though =(

Powder room sign from Kirklands, accent hand towel from Bed, Bath,Beyond and new mirror from Garden Ridge

Accent scroll on wall from Kohls and candle holders I had in master bath. I forgot where it came from. I'm still looking for 2 green topiaries to put on either side of it. I forgot to include the blue floor rug in the picture.

I like it pretty and simple!

Right side of the foyer. That's a coat closet. The black storage ottoman is from the media room. We have no where else to put it right now and dont want to get rid of it. It just holds some extra blankets.

Entrance table with digital picture frame (turned off right now), scentsy warmer, and lamp. I absolutely love the picture hanging. It was the first item I bought for this house when we moved in 4 years ago. I might move it to the dining room though and put the dining room pictures above the living room couch and just do a family picture frame collage here. Still deciding....

The foyer from the living room!

I think that's about it! Thanks for stopping by!


Katherine said...

Your entry is similar to our house! Is your builder David Weekly? Thanks for sharing.

Natasha said...

You have such a nice big foyer. It's lovely.

As you can tell, I'm slowly catching up on my SUYL reading :)