Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Day in our Life

I forgot to do these the past couple of months so last Wednesday I documented our day.

My alarm went off at 730, Remy woke up at 8am and I started her breakfast. Rylie joined us at 815.
Remy had 7oz bottle, 1/2 banana, 2 mini pancakes. Rylie had 1/2 banana, yogurt, and blueberry wheat waffle. I had yogurt and coffee.

Then we all brushed teeth and got dressed. Casual day.

Rylie's still big in dresses.

Cute summer bubble for Remster.

The girls get to watch Mickey Mouse in the mornings....

....and have playtime. I brought out a lot of new toys from the closet for Remy. She's starting to grow into more toddler toys. I put Rylie's old kitchen (that has a short setting perfect for Remy) into the living room and she loved it!

1115am Remy went down for morning nap and I put dinner together to bake after swim lesson. There were a lot of steps like dicing onion and green peppers and browning beef and cooking noodles.

Kraft Pizza Casserole put together and in the fridge so I just have to bake a little before eating. 
(I used Annie's organic shells and cheese instead of velveeta)

1230pm Rylie had lunch-half jelly sandwich, string cheese, applesauce, animal crackers, milk
I checked on Remy who was hard core napping still so I let her sleep longer.

1pm She woke up and had lunch-7oz bottle, deli turkey, mozzarella cheese, diced apples

After lunch and more play the girls went down for afternoon nap/quiet time at 230pm. I tried to read but Rylie wouldn't cooperate. Remy finally fell asleep at 3pm. David came home early at 330pm. Remy woke up at 4pm.

At 5pm Rylie and I headed to her swim lesson. We started another month but moved to 5pm so the girls' naps wouldn't be interrupted. Ha! Naps....

Rylie was SUPER excited to be back at swim with miss Tiffany!

And she was so good! She jumped into the pool with NO floaty to miss Tiffany! In the deep end!

And swam good with Miss Tiffany barely holding her. Yay!

Thankfully David put dinner in the oven on our way home so we didnt eat as late as we would've otherwise. Rylie and I picked up her dance recital dvd and then went home and ate dinner at 645pm. Then we played/talked with our neighbors outside for a little while, the girls had baths, and went to bed about 830-9pm.

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