Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Charlotte's 5th Birthday Party

To say everyone had a good time would be an understatement! Awesome Saturday morning. Thanks for having us Charlotte & Happy 5th Birthday!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Metabolism Miracle-Week 2

2 weeks down....6 more to go!
That seems so far away!

This week started off much easier. I knew exactly what I could eat. I cooked 2 new dinner meals that we all LOVED. I started a recipe blog (click here) to keep track of all the recipes we love (even ones not on this plan).

Mostly this week I've eaten:
Breakfast-low carb protein shake, hardboiled egg, string cheese, 1 slice of low carb toast with butter and sugar-free allowed jelly
Lunch-made my own chicken tenders with homemade taco seasoning (from this recipe) on low carb tortilla, lettuce, tomato, shredded cheese, sour cream
Snacks-string cheese, almonds, peanut butter cookies, celery with peanut butter
Late night snacks have been sugar free jello with whipped cream or a treat of ONE Ferrero Rocher truffle (only if it's been 5 hours since my last 5 g of carb)

I'm so sick of scrambled eggs/egg whites and turkey bacon! So I've been trying to change things up this week at breakfast. I miss cereal =( I'm getting sick of salads too but I've loved the chicken soft tacos I've been making. I ordered the cookbook for this plan ($10 on Amazon) and it's still not here! 

I went out to eat once (first time in 2 weeks!) to Red Lobster and just had grilled salmon and grilled shrimp which were both neutral so I could eat as much as I wanted of those! And side of broccoli and side salad (no croutons or carrots). I still counted this meal as a 5g though because the dressing online listed 3 g of carb in it.

It's been harder this weekend to just grab something quick to eat with the girls constantly needing me for something. I havent had time to cook up a snack and I need to cut back on the almonds/nuts/peanut butter. They're good but so high in fat. I've already noticed improvements though and I did cheat and stepped on the scale to peek-6 lbs down already!

Hopefully it just gets easier and easier from here on! I'm loving that all my shorts feel loose already!

Friday, July 27, 2012

We Matched

Wednesday the 3 of us girls were all dressed in shades of teal without even meaning to be so matchy! I seem to do this all the time-dressing me and the girls in the same colors without realizing it. Anyone else experience this? lol So I took a few pictures Wednesday in our color scheme matching apparel.

It was hard to get a pic of all 3 of us on the camera timer! lol

That'll have to do!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Recent Cuteness

I havent blogged much lately about just what the girls are up to. So it's time for a camera dump with some recent pictures! This might be long...

First off, last Tues and Thur when I dropped Rylie off at school in the car line, Remy cried. =( She missed her sister. So sweet. Melted my heart!

Last Sunday (not this past, but the one before) Rylie and I had a girls day to the Woodlands and she got her haircut.
Remy went to Mimi's while David worked. Rylie woke up sad Remy wasnt  here and said with a pout "but I just wanted to say hi to my baby sister." Such a sweet girl.

This crazy girl!

She dressed & accessorized herself!

It poured on the way there and was pretty cool for July. But finally we made it to the salon. She thought this was so funny! She said she looks like Minnie Mouse!

She really wanted a short, short cut again like Rapunzel's "new hair" in the wedding video (yes, she's still on that Rapunzel biz!) BUT Mommy just couldn't bear another big change in my Rylie again. I really really missed her long hair and I was afraid she'd cry after again wanting the longer hair back. So she just did a tiny trim, you cant even tell it's been cut but Rylie likes it and so do I.

While at the mall Rylie's big "todo" was to get a hand sanitizer little holder thingy for her school backpack. A few of her friends last semester had them and she really liked that. So she picked out a cute pink puppy one and a pretty smelly sanitizer and was on cloud nine!

We just "visited" the Disneystore and ended up picking out a little gift for Remy's 1st birthday coming up from Rylie since she loves Mickey a lot. Hope she likes it!

Little tot's always busy looking for trouble, trying to walk some more-still at just about 5 steps.

This past Friday Rylie went to work at Mimi's office and Remy decided to get her car toy to drive over to see her.

She has been LOVING sister's old kitchen toy! It's right at her height in the shortened form. Yes, she cooks in her diaper. hehe

This past Sunday she climbed on top of the kitchen & just chilled! CRAZY girl!

 She started waving "bye-bye" Monday at lunch and was so proud of herself! Then today she clapped for the first time and was equally proud of herself! I took some pictures at the gym while we hung out waiting to hear if swim would be cancelled. (It was due to bad weather. Rylie cried. Poor girl!)

She'll now do it when you say "clap" but only waves when she wants.

She was a goober at lunch 2 weeks ago and couldn't quit laughing! Here's video....

And another video of Remy "raising the roof" like sister used to do.

This was at Olive Garden almost 2 weeks ago (btw, Remster probably ate her weight in spaghetti! She LOVED it! Then she sat back in that highchair with her arms flailed back and let out a big sigh of fulfillment. It was hilarious!)

Cute sisters playing Sunday. Sometimes Rylie's a little rough with Remy. She likes to pick her up from behind and carry her around or hug her real tight. Mostly though Remy loves playing with big sister and Rylie always wants to know where her sissy is or be with her too.

Rylie and I were watching the new show Bunheads one day (from creators of Gilmore Girls-OUR show!) and she wanted to be a ballet girl and dressed herself for the part.

And one more random picture!

 Lookout HEB! Remy's behind the wheel now too! I think Rylie's been waiting Remy's whole life to sit with her in the "car cart" This was their first time to ride together and they both loved it! Kept them occupied too!

BTW-I SWEAR I put bows on Remy! I really do everyday now. They just seem to always be off when I take pictures. Poor baby looks like a boy lol

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Metabolism Miracle-Week 1

I debated this past week whether I'd blog about this weekly or not. I decided to go ahead in case anyone else decides to give this a go, maybe this would help. Some may not agree with this diet and that's ok, but please be respectful for others who choose to try this out. It has a huge success rate and it's more than just losing weight. It's more about learning to eat healthier.

So if you havent heard of this before, a dietician named Diane Kress wrote this book "The Metabolism Miracle." I heard about it from Suz Steece's blog and she just raved about how great it made her feel (she has 4 year old quads and doesnt need to lose a pint of weight in my opinion!).

Basically this diet is about restarting your metabolism by taking a break in carbs/sugars for 8 weeks. It's to give your body a break in the amount of insulin it produces. It goes into great detail all about this in the book so I'll spare you all the long wording on that! So for 8 weeks you drastically reduce the amount of carbs/sugars you eat. Only 5g every 5 hours is what you're allowed. I'm a big carb/sugar lover so this is huge for me! The reason I chose to try this is the way it talks about people having different kinds of metabolism and I checked off almost every single symptom of "metabolism B" in the book. I'm not gonna lie, this first week has been a little rough. The first 3 days I felt light-headed a little and shaky. The best thing that's gotten me through it is family support and joining the Miracle-ville forum online!

So my first week has been exhausting, mostly because I've been cooking literally 3 times a day everyday. Then cleaning up after each cooking. Healthy, but tiring yes. The foods I've mostly eaten this week are egg whites (scrambled or omelette with peppers and onions), turkey bacon (baked in oven!), 1 slice of carb-allowed bread, almonds (plain & dry roasted cinnamon & cocoa), colby jack cheese stick, tuna salad, all kinds of seasoned chicken breast and fish fillets, carb-free peanut butter cookies that I made, baked cauliflower (tastes just like tator tots I swear!), celery sticks with natural peanut butter, homemade salads loaded with veggies & low fat dressing, raw veggies with ranch, homemade chocolate muffins (they're really low carb!), half an Atkins protein bar, Atkins low carb protein shakes, salmon, steak, roasted squash & zuccini, and I made 2 recipes from the book/forum-cheesy broccoli casserole that wasnt too appealing and shepherds pie that we all loved! We devoured that thing-I'll definitely make it a lot!

Mostly I've learned a LOT more about food and reading ingredients/nutrition facts. I had no idea carbs were in SO MANY things-even if they say "low carb." I'm really annoyed with food companies "lying" on their packaging. And I had no idea there were so many different names for sugar.

So that's the jist of this week. It's been the hardest but it's supposed to get so much better. My cravings for sugar have already subsided. I'm not supposed to weigh myself until the 8 weeks are done but I will say my clothes do already feel pretty loose. I've been drinking a TON of water, green tea before bed, coffee with breakfast, and taking vitamins daily. I'll update weekly with how it's going in case anyone's interested! I'm eager to try a lot more new recipes this week so I dont get bored on the same 'ol. Stay tuned!

Friday, July 20, 2012

House Tours-Foyers

This week's home tour is foyers!

Walking in the front door of our house view

Standing slightly to the left to see more of our foyer

Immediately to the right is our office which I never included before. It's always messy! I CANNOT keep this room clean. Mostly because it's a lot of David's work things, video editing equipment that I have no clue what it is or where to put it.

We moved the hockey table in here when we cleaned out the media room upstairs to make into a playroom (it's almost finished-pics coming soon). And I've tried to get David to get rid of more of his college textbooks from 10 years ago but he will not give them up lol

Little accent table and pictures in the right corner by the office door-you can see our front door and dining room too

Our front entryway. The curtains have been up for about 3 years to block sunlight & give privacy but the sun's faded them tremendously so I'm thinking of doing beige ones next. I also want to add a curtain rod to the square part of the big window on top and a beige curtain up there too for the summer time. Afternoon sun comes riiiiight in that big window & heats the house a lot! It's a cheaper fix than having someone professionally tint the window.

To the left of our front door is the formal dining room which you've already seen

Into the left of the foyer

Is a powder bathroom that I just redecorated a little. I didnt take before pictures though =(

Powder room sign from Kirklands, accent hand towel from Bed, Bath,Beyond and new mirror from Garden Ridge

Accent scroll on wall from Kohls and candle holders I had in master bath. I forgot where it came from. I'm still looking for 2 green topiaries to put on either side of it. I forgot to include the blue floor rug in the picture.

I like it pretty and simple!

Right side of the foyer. That's a coat closet. The black storage ottoman is from the media room. We have no where else to put it right now and dont want to get rid of it. It just holds some extra blankets.

Entrance table with digital picture frame (turned off right now), scentsy warmer, and lamp. I absolutely love the picture hanging. It was the first item I bought for this house when we moved in 4 years ago. I might move it to the dining room though and put the dining room pictures above the living room couch and just do a family picture frame collage here. Still deciding....

The foyer from the living room!

I think that's about it! Thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Day in our Life

I forgot to do these the past couple of months so last Wednesday I documented our day.

My alarm went off at 730, Remy woke up at 8am and I started her breakfast. Rylie joined us at 815.
Remy had 7oz bottle, 1/2 banana, 2 mini pancakes. Rylie had 1/2 banana, yogurt, and blueberry wheat waffle. I had yogurt and coffee.

Then we all brushed teeth and got dressed. Casual day.

Rylie's still big in dresses.

Cute summer bubble for Remster.

The girls get to watch Mickey Mouse in the mornings....

....and have playtime. I brought out a lot of new toys from the closet for Remy. She's starting to grow into more toddler toys. I put Rylie's old kitchen (that has a short setting perfect for Remy) into the living room and she loved it!

1115am Remy went down for morning nap and I put dinner together to bake after swim lesson. There were a lot of steps like dicing onion and green peppers and browning beef and cooking noodles.

Kraft Pizza Casserole put together and in the fridge so I just have to bake a little before eating. 
(I used Annie's organic shells and cheese instead of velveeta)

1230pm Rylie had lunch-half jelly sandwich, string cheese, applesauce, animal crackers, milk
I checked on Remy who was hard core napping still so I let her sleep longer.

1pm She woke up and had lunch-7oz bottle, deli turkey, mozzarella cheese, diced apples

After lunch and more play the girls went down for afternoon nap/quiet time at 230pm. I tried to read but Rylie wouldn't cooperate. Remy finally fell asleep at 3pm. David came home early at 330pm. Remy woke up at 4pm.

At 5pm Rylie and I headed to her swim lesson. We started another month but moved to 5pm so the girls' naps wouldn't be interrupted. Ha! Naps....

Rylie was SUPER excited to be back at swim with miss Tiffany!

And she was so good! She jumped into the pool with NO floaty to miss Tiffany! In the deep end!

And swam good with Miss Tiffany barely holding her. Yay!

Thankfully David put dinner in the oven on our way home so we didnt eat as late as we would've otherwise. Rylie and I picked up her dance recital dvd and then went home and ate dinner at 645pm. Then we played/talked with our neighbors outside for a little while, the girls had baths, and went to bed about 830-9pm.