Friday, June 29, 2012

Weekend Waco Visit

Last weekend we headed to Waco to make up for the weekend we missed prior when Rylie was sick. We hadnt seen everyone in awhile so it was due time!

I had to take my mom's mother's day gift to her, a baby shower gift to a friend, my nephew Hayden's late birthday present, and my dad's father's day gift.

We got to my dad's late Friday night. Rylie and I had a slumber party in the guest room while David slept in the other room with Remy in her pack'n play. Rylie was so excited to be there! And my dad loved his western movies. I wish I'd taken more photos at their house but Remy was everywhere and it was late. He made us a good pancake breakfast the next morning tho!

Saturday morning we met Sarah and Isaac at a local park so the kids could burn off energy. It was hot, but not near as bad as Houston. We stayed for 2 hours and it didnt even feel like it was 94 degrees. I took this cute picture of the kids before they got sweaty and yucky....and I wanted to take more......but this is what happens when Rylie just takes off to play leaving little sister behind..

Poor Remy! She fell sideways first then rolled off the bench from the backside. She was ok though.

"Ugh! I cant believe Rylie did that to me!"

Rylie and Isaac just ran around while Remy crawled nearby

He was helping her on the monkey bars. So sweet.

Then we met my mom and Justin and Hayden for dinner at Uncle Dan's! My mom loved her ice cream bowl that Rylie handpained herself months ago.

Hayden giving Remy sugars. He was too funny as we were leaving and kept giving Remy hug after hug! I didnt think we'd ever get them separated!

Cousin group hug!!

I wish we'd gotten to see more friends but no matter how long we visit we can never fit everything in! Hopefully we wont take as long to return again!

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~Shelly~ said...

Sorry we missed yall! That was one crazy weekend. Poor Remster! Hope shes ok :) lol Im sure that will happen to Presley more times than 1! Have a good week!