Monday, June 4, 2012

tuesday night swim

It's been hot here. Well, it's Houston, Texas it's really hot all the time. But it's been especially humid lately. Tuesday we just had the urge to cool off badly! So we headed straight for the pool when David came home from work.

Remy was so cute lounging in her kini!

I cant control how these upload sideways...grr

Rylie had a blast floating and "swimming" and going down the kiddie slide 100 times while I watched her from the adult pool. The water felt PERFECT!! And I mean PEERRRRFEEECCT! Not even cold but just enough coolness to be refreshing.

Remy found it very relaxing!

Oh the lazy days of Summer have already begun!

Rylie had a blast too of course

And they had to take Remy down the slide too

When they blew the whistle for adult swim we headed out to grab dinner.

We stopped at Target to get some diapers and more baby snacks for Remster and look how bad she was! Strapped in the seat and still got herself turned around and standing up. She's such a stinker! She's like "whatcha got in the cart for me, mommy?" hehe


Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Still reading your blog, just quickly and not always commenting:( sorry! Girls are so cute as always!

Jennifer said...

Love that last picture!

EMonaghan said...

Remy's really developing her own look (not looking so much like Rylie). They are both adorable!