Friday, June 15, 2012

Sick Rylie, Lunch at Mimi's, 2nd Swim Lesson, Cancelled Weekend

I havent been able to blog as much as I'd like lately. I'm going to do a big recap before I forget any details. Yall got a big kick out of Remy trying to climb out of the shopping cart a few weeks ago. Here's an updated picture on how we now shop with her.

Rylie was always "put together" as a baby with matching shoes & bow. Remy's lucky to have clothes on lol She's a stinker!
I forgot to blog this earlier because these pictures were on another camera but Tues June 5th Rylie started another Summer camp at her school.
A comparison from last year. If you look where her head is compared to the banister, she looks to have grown a few inches!

She was so excited to be back! Thankfully she's in the same classroom with her favorite teacher & buddy Logan.
Her teacher sent me this picture. Apparently she was building a church. She also told her teacher on the first day "I wonder what Miss Beth is wearing!" lol She loves Miss Beth who does the chapel time!

This past Saturday morning Rylie started running a fever. It didnt go away after a few hours so I stayed home with her while David & Remy attended our friends crawfish boil. She had no other symptoms so we figured it was a fluke.

Sunday we headed to Mimi's for lunch to visit

Me and little Remster at Mimi's

Mimi's had to childproof her house for this monster. She loves making out with the fridge tho lol

And loved looking out the window at sister!

And her K9 cousin Sam!

Speaking of stinker....On Monday I kept telling Remy "No!" when she wanted the laundry basket off the couch. She finally reached it & pulled it on top of her trapping her under. I couldnt help but laugh and take a picture!

Peek a boo Remy! Then she realized she was stuck and we rescued her lol

Rylie's fever came back Sunday night and a little Monday so I took her to the Dr on Tuesday when Remy had her 9 mo checkup. The Dr said it was just a virus & should be gone soon. We just needed to wait it out.
Wednesday Rylie was feeling better, didnt have a fever, and begged to go to swim lessons! What? The girl who was terrified last week is begging to go?! I figured it'd be ok since it was just 30 minutes and in the water the whole time.

She did GREAT! This was a huge step for her to kick her legs being on her belly. She never lets go and relaxes enough to be on her belly!

Practicing arm strokes.

Another huge step! Floating and kicking legs on her back! We just love this swim teacher! I cant believe how much more comfortable Rylie is already! So she did great and all but then Thursday morning her fever came back....
And in the afternoon she broke out in hives all over. Her poor face was pretty swollen.

She had huge welts all over her face, arms, hands, legs, and feet. So I immediately woke Remy from her nap and rushed her to the Dr. I was afraid she was having an allergic reaction to something.

Or hoping it wasnt chickenpox. These pictures dont do it justice. Poor baby was hurting and crying saying "Why are these booboos on me?!?"
She told everybody in the office she did not like shots! Well, they had to do a finger prick and check her blood. Dr said it's just hives most likely from the virus she's had and nothing more. They gave her benadryl and they were gone within an hour! But she had a fever again and Dr said she's still contagious until it's gone =(

So unfortunately we've had to cancel our trip to Waco this weekend to visit friends/family =( Oh my she cried and was so heartbroken! She probably told everyone she saw recently that she was going to Waco and who all she would see. These things just happen.

And I just wanted to include what I've also been very busy with!

Big stinker Remster! She is so bad! lol
This was Thursday morning....and her shirt's not buttoned up because she's a really difficult child to change diaper and/or dress. So she's lucky to have a shirt on period.

And this was her Thursday evening! TROUBLE!! Poor Rylie's been sick on the couch and in her sad little voice saying "Mommy! Please come lay with me! I need you!" And I'm busy pulling Remy off of everything in the house!

Yall just pray for us this weekend lol