Thursday, June 14, 2012

Remy 9 Months Old!

Remy turned 9 months old this past Saturday!

-Took her to the Dr yesterday & she weighs 18lb 8.8oz (45%) and is 28" long (65%). (Rylie was 27 1/2 in and 18 lb at 9 1/2 mos so she's slightly bigger) She had blood drawn & 1 shot & didnt cry at all!
-Wears 9 mos or 6-12 mos clothes.
-Size 3 diaper.
-Size 3/4 shoe. Her feet are fatter than Rylie's so she cant wear hardly any of her cute sandals. She's moving up to 6-12 mo pedipeds.
-Wears big girl pj's now.
-Kinda bounces up and down "dancing" when she hears music
-5th tooth came in on May 13 (bottom right from 2 center ones), 6th tooth came in May 27 (top left from 2 center ones), 7th tooth came in June 2 (bottom left from 2 center ones), 8th tooth came in June 8 (top right from 2 center ones). So she now has her top 4 middle teeth and bottom 4 middle teeth. And more are on the way!
-climbing up entertainment center and living room baby gates
-can climb up the stairs
-Has stood for on her own for as long as 10 seconds
-loves swimming!
-I'm always smelling her sweet baby smell because it's the one thing I cant bottle up and ever have again. Once it's gone, it's gone.
-She just started with little tantrums last week when I tell her no or take something she cant have away.
-Has to hold something to play with while we're changing her diaper or else she's flipping all over the place.
-holds her own bottle....finally!

-We're finally on a good eat and nap schedule I think. She wakes up about 8, drinks 7 oz formula then eats a little banana & mini pancake, plays, naps 11am-1pm, drinks 7 oz formula then eats fruits & veggies baby food or little cut up pieces, plays, drinks 4 oz juice/water and eats some baby cracker puffs or baby cheeto things about 3ish, naps again, eats dinner about 5 or 6pm which is 7 oz formula then veggies, cut up cheese, and we get to start meat and soft pasta now! She tried her 1st pancake last week & went nuts! She loved it!
-Likes to suck her thumb at naps and bedtime. I take it away and tell her no and give her a paci but she doesnt seem to like it.

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