Tuesday, June 12, 2012

MOPS Swim Play & Swim Lessons!

Last Tuesday, June 5 was David's birthday! I'm a bad wife and dont have a single picture from it. =( We went to dinner with his dad, brother, and Donna and my little camera's battery was dead. I pulled out my cell phone to take a picture with it and it beeped low battery and shut itself off. So sorry I have nothing to document it. Maybe Donna can send me copies. She took a lot of pictures.

Last Wednesday the girls and I had a big day full of swimming. But first......the most hilarious story.
So we'd had a MOPS swimming playdate setup for a month now at our MOPS mentor mom's house way back in Kingwood. My GPS wouldnt pull up her address that morning so I called another lady & she told me round abouts where it was. I also could see where it was on my cell phone map. So we get out there and I see my MOPS friend's car and park in front of her. We're 20 minutes late already so I rush the girls out of the car and their swim floaties and I could hear our friends playing in the back. Rylie rings the doorball and nobody comes. I said try knocking really loud. She did and nothing. I figured they were all out back in the pool since we could hear them so I tried the door and it was open. We walked in and there were papers just everywhere kinda like you see in movies after a home's been broken into. I yelled Hello! No answer. So we walk to the back door and look out the window and Rylie says "Oh......they dont have a pool." WE WERE AT THE WRONG HOUSE! We bolted out of there and realized we were supposed to be across the street! I was so mortified.

So after getting to the right place we hung out with friends & had a blast swimming!

Rylie spent like the first hour just walking around the outside or sitting on the steps.

Then, FINALLY, after 2 Summers of trying, she got in and swam by herself with her floaty!


And she jumped on in over and over and had a blast!

Remy swam a little in the floaty and then just wanted to explore around the pool. And Janet (the hostess) was kind enough to play with her inside too.

We probably swam for over 3 hours and have another date set to do it again.

Then Wednesday afternoon Rylie had her 1st swim lesson. We got them free for joining the gym down the road (cheap way for me to get out of the house, girls play in childcare, lost weight, and stay cool this summer.) 

Even after the bravery she showed at the playdate that morning, she was terrified at this new pool and with this new lady and being in the pool without Mommy. She cried for awhile and finally sat in the shallow end and kicked her feet, blew bubbles.

Got to laughing and warmed up a little.

Then it was time to head to the "big pool" and she cried again. Can you just see her death grip on the teacher?

She reluctantly got on the "magic carpet" as she called it. But wouldn't cooperate with laying on her belly or back on it.

Then clung for dear life again as they headed to the edge of the pool.

Can you just see the terror in her face?! lol Cracks me up. She's so dramatic.

So her first swim lesson was definitely a trial run. I have to say, we couldn't have gotten a better swim teacher for Rylie. Miss Tiffany was GREAT and very patient with her and so sweet. Rylie likes her too and said she wont cry next week. We'll see about that this Wed! I think if we just be consistent with her lessons she'll overcome her fear and be more comfortable in the water.

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