Friday, June 1, 2012

memorial day fun at mimi's

This was our 1st Memorial Day to spend with Mimi. She's usually out of town and we never have plans so they invited us over for dinner!

Rylie asked to get her green pool out and Remy tried it too for the 1st time!

Loves it so far!

Then we got out buckets and cups to play with.

And Rylie really had to show Remy everything!



Fun swimming!

"We men. We grill meat"

Yummy delicious bbq chicken meat!

And Remy discovered Mimi's kitchen cabinets and loved playing with the tupperware! hehe

It was a great visit and the girls were way tired and happy to go to bed after. Thanks for having us and thanks for everyone who serves our country proud!

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~Shelly~ said...

No better way to spend Memorial Day than with BBQ, swimming & family! Looks fun!