Friday, June 8, 2012

Kitchen Tour

Continuing Kelly's Korner home tour this week with kitchens! I literally forgot to take pictures until I saw her post about it this morning, so this is last minute & I didnt even clean my kitchen for this! Keepin it real, yall!

This was our kitchen 2 years ago-with 1 child and nice and clean. I love our kitchen. I think it's the perfect size for our family. I just wish we had more space above the cabinets. It's so hard to decorate up there but I LOVE above the cabinet decorations!

This is it today! Our kitchen is the hardest room to keep clean! Mostly because we have a detached garage and this is exactly what we see when we walk in from the back door. We have no where to put things, so my purse and diaper bag are usually hanging anywhere in the kitchen.

View from the living room. I actually took the mail off the table for this picture but it's usually cluttered with things that need to go to the car or came in from the car.

And this is why we rarely eat at the kitchen table. Our living room tv cant be seen from it lol That's the back door we come in by the table too.

More closer look at cabinets. I really want to hang pendant lights above the island someday. Right now my counters usually have the sunday paper & coupons, bottle parts, cookbook for dinner, and random fruits/veggies I use to make Remy's baby food. There is also usually clutter on the stairs in the kitchen of things my oldest daughter brings downstairs to play with and need to go back up stairs. I also would love to get new barstools soon. Ours are falling apart. I need new canisters for the counter too. I sold ours in the garage sale recently. Just little updates I have on my list!

The sink area. We only have a tiny space on the fridge to put magnets so it gets cluttered. I think I'm going to get a bulletin board to put inside the pantry door for all the invites/cards we receive since they fill the fridge pretty fast. And right now we have Summer calendars taped on the front. We just have so much going on with Summer camp/school, VBS, trips that I needed to organize it for us to keep track. And we always have a huge pile of mail on the counter and yep, there's dishes from breakfast in the sink!

View of kitchen from pantry/laundry room/dining room area. Rylie walked in while I took this picture =)

And because I actually have organized the pantry recently, here's a photo of that! It's to the left of the fridge and I love how spacious it is. We also started our "hurricane survival" box last week too & keep in here.

So there's our kitchen at the moment! Eventually I'll have a clean one more often when the girls get older. That's what I keep telling myself every day when I get overwhelmed by it. hehe


Life Happens said...

Beautiful kitchen. I love the cabinets. And you have a walk in pantry! Great for food storage.

~Shelly~ said...

I love the space ur kitchen has! And the walk in pantry...sigh!!!!!!!! Goooood thinkin on the hurrican box :) Yuck- its that time again!

Healthy Branscoms said...

Love your huge pantry! :)

Tracy said...