Friday, June 22, 2012

Dining Room Tour

Continuing with Kelly's Korner home tours this week with dining rooms!

This was our dining room after we moved in 4 years ago. I changed it up about a year or 2 after we moved in and it's been this way since....

Our dining room's immediately to the left when you walk in our front door. I'd really like to paint the bottom half sometime and want to add a few decorations on top of the china cabinet.

We rarely eat in here except when company's over and special holidays so it always stays clean.

I love the pictures in here and have been thinking about moving them to the living room above the couch. But then I wouldn't know what to put in here.

View of dining room from kitchen

Wedding china in the cabinet. I use the tea cups and saucers at bedtime when I drink chamomille tea. They're there to be used afterall right?

And for fun here's how the dining room table is for some holidays....




I love looking at dining room tabletops. Thanks for stopping by!


Jan said...

So pretty

Emily said...

Love that your china is out during holidays. And yes, it's made to be used to have fun at tea time!