Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Afternoon Swim Playdate

Thursday afternoon we met Kendall & Becca at our neighborhood pool. It was my 1st time to take both girls by myself. And my one and only swimsuit that fits was still drying off from the day before so I just went in my clothes and figured I'd sit by the side with Remy.

She sat in her lil floaty and wasnt into it much this day. Didnt help that right when we sat down a rude kid shot us with the water gun above the slide.....and continued to after I yelled at him a few times. Seriously?!

So I took one picture of Rylie and Kendall being still while I could and then I sat out with Remy while the girls ran around and played.

They had some goldfish snack during adult swim break then headed back out before thunder rolled in and we headed home.

Remy got to try some goldfish too for the 1st time & loved them! Kendall didnt like this kind Becca bought so she gave the bag to Remy. Dont worry, they'll get eaten! =)