Sunday, May 20, 2012

Water Day!

Thursday, May 17 was Rylie's last day of school this year. They had a special water day for it.

I feel bad I didnt do anything cutesy or special from Pinterest for her teachers. Just flowers and ice cream gift cards!

Rylie was uber excited for water day! First time to wear swimsuit this year!

Rylie's class went in the afternoon so Remy and I tagged along again. They had this inflatable water bouncer.

Rylie playing in shaving cream

Remy's like "are we done yet?!" lol It was hotter this time than carnival day.

Showing sister her shaving cream hands

Then she got in line for the big water slide. It was quite a wait, so she kept busy by dancing.

And shaking her booty

And more dancing

And being silly

Logan behind her is like "woah girl, what are you doing?!"

Aw they're sweet buddies!

There she goes again!

lol Logan's like "I cant watch anymore, Rylie! Please stop!"

Finally Rylie's turn! She LOVED it! I didnt realize there was a "pool" of water at the bottom and she said "I went under water! I liked that!"

Cute picture her teacher took

Remy and I hung out in the shade while Rylie ran around the rest of the day. She did water guns and the slip 'n slide and got soaking wet.

They handed out popcicles at the end.

Cuties in Rylie's class

I got her dried and dressed and realized I hadnt eaten lunch and was starving! So I grabbed a quick salad and Rylie wanted a snack too. She was so cute sitting eating her apple slices.

And then she went back to being herself =)

I cannot believe this school year's already over. Changing to this school has really been a blessing. Not that we had any problems with her other school, we've just found things we like more with this one since switching. Rylie LOVES it there and I do too. She's excited to start Summer camp there in 2 weeks.

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