Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rylie's School Year in Pictures

I thought I'd done a previous post with some pictures of Rylie in her class this school year. But apparently not as I couldnt find it. SO here are all the cutest photos her teachers took this past school year in the classroom.

Sep 13-dipping paint in ice

Sep 15-making blue goo

Oct 1-being scientist

Oct 20-pumpkin carving

Jan 10-stirring gummy bears (I think?) into jello mix

Jan 17-coloring

Jan 24-Chinese New Year

Jan 26-Dino Dan

Feb 16-arts & crafts

Feb 28-"x ray" glasses

Mar 5-snack

Mar 27-train ride

Apr 12-chapel (pink shirt on left)

Apr 18-umbrella parade

Apr 27-grocery store in classroom

It's been a fun first year here!

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