Friday, May 4, 2012

Remy's Crawling!

So Remy's progressed pretty quick to a full time crawler! I wanted to jot down these details for me to remember later. Mon April 16 she was on hands and knees with belly off floor for the first time and doing the rocking moves. Tues April 17 she started moving around, scooting, and dragging herself with hands and knees to get to things. Thur April 19 she pulled herself up to sit and stand in her crib for the first times. We lowered her mattress that night! Sat April 21 we let her try yogurt melts and puffs for the first time (I'm weird and follow labels and waited till she was hands and knees with belly off floor).

Thursday April 26 she started pulling herself to standing at her mirror toy.

Then Friday April 27 she officially crawled several times!

She kept getting mad that I was putting her toys away for her to get to.

Got it!

And Rylie was such a good cheerleader all morning!

That afternoon she decided she was "over" crawling and wanted to move on to standing.

Stinker! She's been spending all weekend looking for trouble and things she can get into. She's also been crawling under the table and bumping her head or getting stuck between the couches or trying to pull to standing at the couch and falling over a lot. Been quite a few cry outbursts. By Monday she was full fledge crawling everywhere and even crawled into my lap and quickly progressed this week into cruising. She only wants to stand lately and tries to reach out for things to take steps to. She get so mad when she loses her balance and falls. I've been busy this week rearranging a lot of things to better baby proof!

-Sidenote, tooth #3 (top right center) cut through May 3 and tooth #4 (top left center) has a little corner coming through today!

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