Sunday, May 13, 2012

Remy's 1st Playdate

Friday, May 4 our neighbor friends Carter and baby sister Sophie came over to play!

This was the best photo I got of all 4. Remy wouldn't sit still!

These babies are 8 & 9 months old and this was their first time to play together!

Sophie was so chill and just wanted to watch everyone but when she finally picked up a little ball, Remy was like "oh that's mine!" lol Remy was kinda weirded out that another person her size was playing with her toys. We need to do these more so Remy learns sharing! Sadly, we wont be seeing Carter and Sophie as much anymore. They're moving an hour away at the end of May =( I hope to do Kindermusik with Remy this Fall so we can meet more babies her age.

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