Thursday, May 17, 2012

Remy at 8 Months Old

Wednesday, May 9 Remy turned 8 months old!

This was the hardest photo to take! I had to photoshop the bottom---badly. Ugh but it'll have to do! Here's what Remy's up to at 8 months old!
(I wrote all this when she turned 8 mos old even though this is posting at 8 1/2 mos now)

Wears 6-12 mo or 9 mo clothes.
Size 3 diaper.
Still in 0-6 mo pediped shoes.
Started pulling herself to sitting on her own.
Started crawling.
Started pulling herself to standing.
Cruising a few steps.
She wants to stand all the time and wants to walk on her own. She gets mad when she falls down.
Makes baba, gaga, dada, yaya, wawa sounds. Still no mama sounds =(
Tooth 3 (top right center) came in on May 3 and tooth 4 (top left center) came in on May 4 (ha! how appropriate for those dates)
Had her first playdate with neighbor Sophie and was a little freaked by another baby playing with her toys. She kept trying to take them away from Sophie.
Tried ice cream for the first time on May 5 and so far not a fan.
Started eating yogurt this month.
She now has 3 meals of solids a day-fruit or yogurt for breakfast, 2 oz veggies for lunch, and 2 oz fruit/veggie mix for dinner. Theyre about stage 3 foods (I still make my own baby food-that post coming soon!)
She drinks 6-8oz bottles between meals or with meals.
She feeds herself puffs and yogurt melts. Not a big fan of the yogurt melts.
She's started doing baths in big tub sitting on her own (I've yet to take pictures because I'm always with her or helping bathe Rylie)
She's definitely a daddy's girl! She says "dada and daddy" all day long and gets so excited when he gets home from work.
She's quite the stinker and spends all day looking for trouble ;-)
She's learning the word NO as she hears it all day (and cries when she hears it)
She is the worst child to change a diaper on! She absolutely hates laying on her back and has a death grip. She grabs thediaper out from under her, flips over in 1 second and it ends up being a huge wrestling match where I feel I need 5 arms to keep her legs and arms down and not grabbing everything!
She growls. It's quite hilarious.
Moved up to Rylie's convertible car seat (that I've forgotten to take pictures of)
Started separation anxiety.

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