Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Parent Brunch

Tuesday, May 8 Rylie's school had a cute parent brunch in the kids' classes.

They had chickfila chicken minis, donut holes, fruit, and starbucks coffee and juice!

Rylie and I got to eat breakfast together

And Remster had fun sitting with us too

A cute picture even though Remy closed her eyes lol

Then the kids gave the parents their gifts. She made me a cute potholder for Mother's Day.

Rylie took this picture of Remy ha!

Then the kiddos lined up for chapel. Rylie's not excited or anything.


The parents went to chapel with the kids and of course I got sweet video but its way too long and hasnt uploaded after sitting idle all day. Grrr.

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~Shelly~ said...

Did u say chicken mini's??? YUMMMMMM! How fun, I wish Kinleys school did stuff like this! :(