Monday, May 14, 2012

Mai Fest

Saturday, May 5 we were invited with friends to join them at Mai Fest in Brenham. It was pretty fun!

We got there early for the parade first

They have a whole Mai Fest royal court....I didnt read too much into it all. It was our first time there!

Rylie loved the parade and waving!

Remy was pretty chill about it (more teething)

Then we walked along the little shops in their main street

We headed over to the big park where the festival was and our friends arrived!

The pastor who married us have 2 girls and 1 boy. We dont see them often so it was fun hanging with their family! Rylie and the girls loved playing together!

And the best part of Mai Fest in Brenhem? All you can eat Blue Bell ice cream for just $6!! Over 18 flavors to choose from! This was Mint Choc Chip, Cookie Dough, and Dutch Choc (I shared with Rylie this time)

We sat to eat ice cream and this little face kept staring at us....

I mean how could you resist this little face???

Too bad she didnt like the ice cream! lol

The kids were dancing to the band playing. There were some dance companies performing throughout too.

Then we let the kids ride the carousel. Remy loved it!

Rylie did too

Totally hamming it up for all the watchers!

Our friends headed out and Rylie got more chocolate ice cream. I had key lime pie and red velvet cake. Key lime was way too tart for me but I loved the red velvet ice cream and I'm not even a huge red velvet cake person!

Yum yum!! It was so hot this ice cream was great to cool off with. I think it was 98 this day. We left after this and grabbed dinner at Chili's to cool off before heading home. Such a fun day!

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