Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lucky to be a Mommy

Before I became a mommy I never knew I could feel this much love. I'd heard mothers say that before but I never grasped the concept until I became a mom myself.
I never knew that a smile could make my heart burst. I never knew a cry could be so heartbreaking. I never knew I could feel so powerful than when I pick up my crying kids and they instantly stop. I never knew a hug could make the world stop. I never knew so much joy could come from a giggle. I never knew how much I could love a slobbery kiss until I had teething babies. hehe I never knew skin could feel so so soft. I never knew my favorite smell would be my sweet girls. I never knew I could matter this much until I heard "I love you Mommy."
There are a million things I've learned since becoming a Mommy. One thing I've always known is how lucky I am to call Rylie and Remy my daughters. Thank you God for making me their Mommy. I'm truly the luckiest Mommy in the world!
Mother's Day 2012

And to all the other Mommies out there, I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! I have to add congratulations to Tiffany and Zach Pifer. After 6 years of trying to become parents, they finally have a little one on the way! Congrats you guys! Welcome to this bliss of parenthood!

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