Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Houston Childrens Museum-Emmery's Bday

Sunday May 6 Rylie attended her school friend Emmery's 4th birthday party. It was at the Childrens Museum near downtown Houston. I was excited to take her because we've never been before!

Emmery had a cute pirate party

The kids had free play for a little while. Rylie was excited to explore!

Rylie, Emmery in middle, and Emmery's friend

This was Remy the first half of the party hehe

The party went as a group to 3 parts of the museum. I dont remember all the names. The first was outside waterworks area with a playground, then we came here to Kidtropolis. SO CUTE! It was a mini main street with an HEB where kids can work or shop. Rylie loved getting her own "groceries"

And she found a red lobster!

Her basket's ready to go! (Her hair got wet on the outside playground they went to prior)

Ready to check out!

Then Rylie went to work next door at the tv station. The kids could be anchors or meteorologists or producers writing the script. They had cute press passes.

Then Rylie took her pet to the vet clinic. Some kids had lab coats on working there.

I guess her pet's good to go! They also had a bank where kids could put their money in and a cute cafe where kids could work or "eat." Seriously the cutest place I've ever seen! We hit up one more place but I forgot the name.

Then we headed back to party room for cupcakes and singing! Rylie had a great time and did not want to leave! That place is massive. We hope to go again someday, just not on a Sunday (it's free on Sundays and lemme just say, aside from birthday parties, there's not much to say about the people that show up on free day. I just really wish I didnt have to change Remy's diaper in the bathroom that day. That's all I'll say about that. =) hehe)

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