Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Hard Knock Life-Rylie's Dance Recital

Saturday, May 12 was Rylie's 2nd Dance Recital with Define Dance Studio. Oh the work that went into this recital! Friday was dress rehearsal and it was major crazy. It started around 530 that night and Remy had spitup all over me and both girls were getting restless. Finally Rylie's class did their rehearsal, we headed home to change clothes, and went to dinner with David at Red Lobster. It was our only chance to celebrate our anniversary. Saturday Rylie was performing in both the 1:30 and 5:30 shows. So her and I spent practically all day up there. We had 40 minutes to rush out and grab a quick bite in between shows and then hurry back to good seats at the 5:30 show since the family was coming up to see that performance. But Rylie didnt go on until after intermission so her and I watched the first hour of the show and then everyone arrived and sat with us to see Rylie.

Rylie's class after the 530 show (2 girls weren't here because they only performed at 130)

Rylie and her teacher Miss Taylor after the show (Miss Taylor was awesome at performing about 8 times during EACH recital! I know she was tired!)

Rylie and Cady after the show

Our family

Mimi and Gaga

Deedee (Grandaddy and Daniel were outside and missed photo time)

Our pretty girl with her flowers. We're so proud of her performance! She did great. It was almost 9 when we left and got home and ordered pizza for a late dinner. Such a long day but glad it went well and kinda glad it's over! lol

Now here's video of the 130 recital. I did video the dress rehearsal but I must've accidentally erased it because I cant find it =( We did order DVD's of both shows but they wont be in for a month. I only video'd the 130 show on my cell phone to show David since he couldn't be there. But I guess I'll have to share that since the dress rehearsal video went mia.

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~Shelly~ said...

She did GREAT!! And I love how her bucket went off the stage, lol! So cute!