Thursday, May 24, 2012

Girls Night Out, Dance Party, Sick Baby

Title sums up our week!

Tuesday night I had a great dinner out with my neighbor girlfriends Sharon and Tiffany before Tiffany leaves us next week =(

It was so nice just 3 moms without kids getting to eat and talk for hours. It was perfect weather on the patio, great Italian food, and lots of laughs. So mad we never did this before! It was so fun.

Remy's had bad allergies since last Thursday. One of the reasons we didnt make it to Ft Worth. It only got worse on Tuesday night and her eyes looked so sad. I took her to the Dr Wednesday and she said it's just allergies that turned into ear infection and some yucky eyes but nothing contagious. She got some amoxicillin so hopefully she'll be over this soon.

Wed afternoon was Rylie's last dance "class" which was more of a party to just celebrate another great dance year. Of course Rylie went straight for the coloring! They actually had puzzles out and thought she'd go straight for those like she did last Summer, but she said "Mommy, you do this puzzle. I'm gonna go color." Guess we all know her favorite hobby this year!

Remster was feeling better and had a great time getting to move around and check things out. She thought she was so big =)

I just chased her everywhere. She loved it.

Rylie hula hoopin before we left.

Rylie and Cady...these 2 have known each other since they were 1 in Kindermusik.

And some of the cutest pictures I've ever taken are of Rylie and Cady together. This is probably my new favorite. Sweet, sweet friends.

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