Tuesday, May 22, 2012

First Pool Visit

Saturday, May 20 we were supposed to head to Ft Worth for our friend Erin's baby shower and visit our other friends Susan, Brian, Owen, and Ethan. But for several reasons, we cancelled last-minute. Really bummed not to see our friends and attend the baby shower, but it was really for the best for our girls.

So we wanted to do something really fun so Rylie wouldn't be too disappointed. We took the girls to our neighborhood pool for the 1st time this year. It was Remy's first time to ever swim!

So of course I had to get lots of pictures in her cute new bikini! (I got on clearance dirt cheap last fall and anxiously been waiting to put it on her!)

In her floaty and seeing how she likes it

Kicking off and swimming away from Mommy! haha She loved it! She was like a little fish. It was so cute.

Course 5 min after we arrived they blew whistles for adult swim (10 min break for lifeguards)

Rylie looked so pretty in her beautiful purple swimsuit (another clearance find last fall!)

We played with our toes in the water with our matching nailpolish color

Then finally we could go back in! One happy baby!

Look at those chubby cheeks!

Happy little swimmer baby

I cant get enough of that sweet smile

I took pictures of big sister too =) She mostly went down the 2 kid slides over and over

Then we played in the kiddie pool for awhile

She was "floating" and "swimming like a mermaid"

Then one more time under the umbrella

She was much more daring this time than last year. She actually went into the "big pool" with her floaty on and didnt scream the whole time. Big progress! She's been asking for swim lessons so maybe this will be the year to get on it.

We grabbed sno cones that afternoon before heading to visit Mimi. David and I had a little dinner out in midtown that was fun.

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