Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Farewell to neighbor friends

Yesterday I took the girls to our neighbors' house for one last playdate before they moved today. So sad they're leaving (left) us! Rylie was really sad last night, couldnt sleep, and said with the saddest voice "Carter's going to be missing from her house tomorrow!" That gave me teary eyes-seeing her so sad another friend was moving away. I didnt get the best pics yesterday. These were from my cell phone.

Sophie and Remy! Remy loved playing with her but was a little rough. She kept poking her eye or trying to "hug" her and Sophie was not liking that!

Sweet big girls! They actually play together so cute now.

And because I just love reminiscing!

Their 1st photo Oct 2009

1st playdate early 2010

Shopping buddies

Wagon rides down our street

Tea parties

Playdates at Kids in Action 

Carter's 1st bday

More playdates

Rylie's 3rd bday

Lunch dates


We've really loved watching Carter and Sophie grow as neighbors and good friends of ours! Really going to miss them!

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