Saturday, May 5, 2012

Down Came The Tree!

This is random but last Saturday we finally got this tree cut down in our front yard! It was almost completely dead and huge pieces have been falling into our yard. We had an arborist come look at it and they said it would either fall on its own in the next hurricane or we needed to get it down before summer. So avoiding a $500 bill for them to do it, we luckily rounded up some neighbors and did it ourselves!

Timber! It made a cool loud noise when it hit. Wish I'd video'd that =) It also left a cool looking dent in our grass. Thankfully it didnt crack the sidewalk!

Rylie was a big help too =) She also dressed herself.

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EasterlingFamily said...

Not only did I miss this happening, but I also did not even realize the tree was gone! Wow! Guess I've been a bit distracted over here...LOL