Thursday, May 31, 2012

Show Us Your Life-Living Room

We moved into this house in Houston 4 years ago yesterday and things have changed a lot since then! So I wanted to do an update with Kelly's Korner home tour again. Today is living rooms!

This is ours right after we moved in-2008

And here it is today-2012! Sorry I cant keep it this clean during the day so I took these pictures at night. A little bit has changed. I wanted a new picture above the couch. Not sure I like then one I got recently, but I havent found a better one yet. I also want new pillows. You can totally change a room by just switching the accent pillows. But again havent found any I like yet.

But I'm staying with traditional, warm neutrals look. I like our living room to look cozy, warm, and inviting. Hopefully it comes across that way to others!

I'm trying out a look on the curtains with them pinned back a little. Not sure if I like it better or not.

I do love my candlesticks on the mantle. They're my favorite accent piece. Along with the big clock.

Course I also love pictures of my sweet girls the most too!

This is our new family display on our entertainment center. Makes me smile to see 4 people now.

Another view. The master bedroom is under the archway. The black shelf I bought recently to hold the girls toys in but it was so cluttered so I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it now. I also cant keep things on coffee table with mischief Remy on the prowl ;-)

The staircase is right off the living room. It splits into the kitchen and front door. Eventually I'd like to pull the carpet off the stairs for 2 main reasons. 1-it's hard as heck to keep the stairs vacuumed! 2-we seriously slip on them more times than we should. It scares me really.

I want to do THIS to our stairs. Ourselves. This is the Thrifty Decor Chick's tutorial on how to do it. I'm so motivated and havent stopped thinking about it since I first read her blog.

And we're talking about eventually doing hardwood floors in the living room. Do you think it'd be too much brown and dark wood with the furniture we have? Decisions. Decisions.

View from playroom upstairs. The 20 ft ceilings are nice, but not fun when a wasp gets in the house which happens more times than you'd think lol We love our living room. It's definitely a room we live in.

It mostly looks like this lately-gate to keep Remy on one side so Rylie can color on her table without Remy spilling (or eating) her crayons. And Remy has free roam with her baby toys and furniture to cruise.

Whew! Long post I know. Are yall sick of seeing my living room yet? lol Thanks for stopping by if you're still reading!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Farewell to neighbor friends

Yesterday I took the girls to our neighbors' house for one last playdate before they moved today. So sad they're leaving (left) us! Rylie was really sad last night, couldnt sleep, and said with the saddest voice "Carter's going to be missing from her house tomorrow!" That gave me teary eyes-seeing her so sad another friend was moving away. I didnt get the best pics yesterday. These were from my cell phone.

Sophie and Remy! Remy loved playing with her but was a little rough. She kept poking her eye or trying to "hug" her and Sophie was not liking that!

Sweet big girls! They actually play together so cute now.

And because I just love reminiscing!

Their 1st photo Oct 2009

1st playdate early 2010

Shopping buddies

Wagon rides down our street

Tea parties

Playdates at Kids in Action 

Carter's 1st bday

More playdates

Rylie's 3rd bday

Lunch dates


We've really loved watching Carter and Sophie grow as neighbors and good friends of ours! Really going to miss them!

Friday, May 25, 2012

She Wont Be Contained!

I finally got pictures Thursday of Remy's recent adventurous skill.

Climbing the baby gate! I section off part of the living room sometimes so Rylie can color or do puzzles without Remy getting into it.

Usually Remy's fine and just explores freely and plays with toys. But sometimes she wants out!

"I wont be contained Mommy!" lol Such a stinker!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Girls Night Out, Dance Party, Sick Baby

Title sums up our week!

Tuesday night I had a great dinner out with my neighbor girlfriends Sharon and Tiffany before Tiffany leaves us next week =(

It was so nice just 3 moms without kids getting to eat and talk for hours. It was perfect weather on the patio, great Italian food, and lots of laughs. So mad we never did this before! It was so fun.

Remy's had bad allergies since last Thursday. One of the reasons we didnt make it to Ft Worth. It only got worse on Tuesday night and her eyes looked so sad. I took her to the Dr Wednesday and she said it's just allergies that turned into ear infection and some yucky eyes but nothing contagious. She got some amoxicillin so hopefully she'll be over this soon.

Wed afternoon was Rylie's last dance "class" which was more of a party to just celebrate another great dance year. Of course Rylie went straight for the coloring! They actually had puzzles out and thought she'd go straight for those like she did last Summer, but she said "Mommy, you do this puzzle. I'm gonna go color." Guess we all know her favorite hobby this year!

Remster was feeling better and had a great time getting to move around and check things out. She thought she was so big =)

I just chased her everywhere. She loved it.

Rylie hula hoopin before we left.

Rylie and Cady...these 2 have known each other since they were 1 in Kindermusik.

And some of the cutest pictures I've ever taken are of Rylie and Cady together. This is probably my new favorite. Sweet, sweet friends.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

First Pool Visit

Saturday, May 20 we were supposed to head to Ft Worth for our friend Erin's baby shower and visit our other friends Susan, Brian, Owen, and Ethan. But for several reasons, we cancelled last-minute. Really bummed not to see our friends and attend the baby shower, but it was really for the best for our girls.

So we wanted to do something really fun so Rylie wouldn't be too disappointed. We took the girls to our neighborhood pool for the 1st time this year. It was Remy's first time to ever swim!

So of course I had to get lots of pictures in her cute new bikini! (I got on clearance dirt cheap last fall and anxiously been waiting to put it on her!)

In her floaty and seeing how she likes it

Kicking off and swimming away from Mommy! haha She loved it! She was like a little fish. It was so cute.

Course 5 min after we arrived they blew whistles for adult swim (10 min break for lifeguards)

Rylie looked so pretty in her beautiful purple swimsuit (another clearance find last fall!)

We played with our toes in the water with our matching nailpolish color

Then finally we could go back in! One happy baby!

Look at those chubby cheeks!

Happy little swimmer baby

I cant get enough of that sweet smile

I took pictures of big sister too =) She mostly went down the 2 kid slides over and over

Then we played in the kiddie pool for awhile

She was "floating" and "swimming like a mermaid"

Then one more time under the umbrella

She was much more daring this time than last year. She actually went into the "big pool" with her floaty on and didnt scream the whole time. Big progress! She's been asking for swim lessons so maybe this will be the year to get on it.

We grabbed sno cones that afternoon before heading to visit Mimi. David and I had a little dinner out in midtown that was fun.