Thursday, April 26, 2012

Walk, Chalk, Matching Sisters Lunch

These were cell phone pictures I never uploaded

Thu April 12 after naps I took the girls for a walk in the amazing cool weather. Rylie rode her bike next to us.

Then we stopped and Rylie drew with chalk

She was drawing Rapunzel (looks like jellyfish right now lol)

Remy loved sitting outside! We stayed out for 2 hours.

Fri April 13 we met friends for lunch. Raegan and sister Lauren were dressed in cute matching dresses.

And Rylie and Remy happened to be too! Remy even had faux pigtails in similar to Laurens real ones! It was such a cute coincidence. The girls played after eating for a long time!

Remy snacked on some applesauce

And I just had to try one of these! SOOO GOOOD! I'll never lose the baby weight this way, I do realize. But right now I'm just having fun with my girlies. I can always lose it later ;-)


~Shelly~ said...

Kinley and Presley have those same matching dresses that Rylie and Remy do hehe! Love all those target dresses! Still cracking up at the fake pony tails loL!!

Miranda said...

OMG where did you get those fake pig tails... too cute!