Tuesday, April 24, 2012

School Spring Photo & Open House

I forgot I never posted Rylie's spring photo from school! How is she getting so big?!

Thursday April 19 her school had an open house & she was so excited to take us to school "after dark" she called it lol And she insisted on pushing Remy in herself.

They had cute bluebonnet tiles the kids made on display. This is Rylie's!

Rylie and her cute cowboy hat craft

This was her umbrella they made. She said the back is orange and if you look closely her name is written in green (sideways)

That's the coveted treasure box! They get to pick a prize every Thur if they've been good all week!

Packing her snack bag before we headed out with her friend Emmery

Then she wanted to say hi to Mrs Beth! Rylie LOVES Mrs Beth! She does "chapel time" at home for us and loves to pretend to be Mrs Beth.

Before we left she showed us her favorite things on the playground! This is the "tower" she calls it.

Of course she loves the swings!

David and his girls in our backyard!

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