Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rylie and I Visit Ft Worth!

So immediately after the Disney on Ice show, Rylie and I were headed out to Ft Worth to visit friends! Saturday just wasnt our day and it was rough getting there. Aside from bad traffic getting to the ice show, after it was over, we couldn't find our car in the parking lot. It was horribly windy and we'd been in such a hurry to get inside when we got there and I couldn't see much from my hair blowing everywhere lol Poor Rylie was so worried! She said "We cant get to Ft Worth without your car!" lol After 30 minutes of walking all over, we finally found it! Did I mention it was also hot?? glad for car air conditioning! So I go to setup our DVD player and couldnt get it to work. I knew we couldn't make the 4 1/2 hr drive without it. Finally 15 minutes later I got it working and we were off!

2 hours into the drive she finally conked out! The headphones were holding her head up lol She was the PERFECT ANGEL the entire drive! And we had great weather. Only thing....I was going to stop in Fairfield for Bush's Chicken snack but Rylie was asleep, so I figured we'd stop 30 min later in Corsicana for that one. Completely missed the exit for it. So we ended up in Ennis at Braum's! We made potty stop first and when we came out a huge bus full of a school sports team was in line. Ugh so it took almost an hour for us to get a snack (we were starving!). Finally made it into Ft Worth and got lost a little in construction. A few street signs were missing and I just thought I didnt need to use my GPS the entire drive (ya know, thinking I knew where I was going lol).

FINALLY we made it to Erin's house Saturday night in time for late dinner! We hung out a little before Caiden went to bed. Rylie was SO GOOD at their house the entire time. Caiden's 2nd birthday is actually tomorrow and his party was yesterday but we couldnt make it so we wanted to visit with them while we were in town & celebrate his birthday then. I didnt get pictures of his cute gift-a toy power drill set with cute eye protection glasses but I think Erin did. We loved getting to see them! Sunday morning we left their house and headed to Owen & Ethan's!

Their joint birthday party was Sun afternoon! I have to add too-when I told Rylie Friday night our weekend plans, she immediately ran to her room and came back with a duffle bag packed with 1 pullup, 1 pair of jammies, and a hairbrush. She was ECSTATIC and ready to go lol!

My sweet girl and I

Their party was at a jumping place and it was so fun! I went down slides with her and jumped a little too.

There were 2 whole rooms we had to ourselves for all the party fun!

She must've slid down this thing 50 times!

This huge bouncer had a big bubble in the middle and this guy was bouncing kids off it!

Rylie loved it!!

This sums up the fun she had at the party!

Singing Happy Birthday....

Susan made YUM-O choc cupcakes with cream cheese frosting!

Rylie loved hers too!

All the kids in the backseat ready to go! hehe (and that's Owen & Ethan's dad)

The kids rested for a little bit and then played after dinner on the boys' new playset. At bedtime Rylie and Owen heard bedtime story together and then Owen said Rylie needed to stay there forever. So sweet! Monday morning we said bye to the boys as they headed to school and then Rylie and I drove home. It was a really smooth drive home and this time we didnt miss Bush's Chicken! We did hit horrible rain as we got into town.

So glad we made the trip to see our friends for all 3 boys' birthdays! Thanks again guys to having us! We love you all!

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