Monday, April 16, 2012

Remy's 7 Months!

Seven months ago (last Monday) our family changed forever. Seven months ago this precious new, tiny little baby came into our lives.

And I thought then we couldn't love her anymore.
But now I know our family just loves her more and more everyday!
  I cant believe it's already been SEVEN months. I still think of her as my tiny, newborn. And I've recently started getting sad about her growing out of the little baby phases.
NOT this phase though! I thought these days would never end for awhile there. Thankfully they were short-lived!
And she's been sleeping great! I really love getting my sleep too ;-)

 She is seriously the happiest baby ever and loves her Mommy, Daddy, and big sister so much! These were just a few pictures from her early months that I never shared before.

Here's some updates from this month....
  • Got 2nd flu shot last Tues and she weighed 16 lb 3 oz.
  • Sleeps about 8pm-8am. Takes 1-2 naps a day. 11am-1pm and 3pm-5pm or just 1pm-4pm somedays.
  • Wears 9 mo or 6-12 mo clothes. Size 2 shoes.
  • 8oz formula every 3 hours & almost holding bottle herself. We havent done much solids this month because she's been stuffy with allergies and I wanted to make sure it wasnt an allergy to any of the foods she's had.
  • Still on HEB generic low lactose formula (or Similac Sensitive).
  • Tried pumpkin early this month and liked it.
  • Sitting all the time on her own! Plays with toys on her own when sitting.
  • Pushes her upper body up with her arms when laying on belly. She's trying to move around to get to things.
  • Loves to "talk" and it's so cute!
  • Sticks her tongue out a lot now and started a high-pitched squeal of a laugh.
  • LOVES to watch Mickey Mouse or just seeing him anywhere
  • Hates to lay on her back, always wants to be on belly and diaper changes means a wrestling match!
  • Rides in big seat of stroller
  • Sits in restaurant highchairs and shopping cart seats
  • Swings in baby swing at playground
  • Isnt so much a fan of the exersaucer anymore. Loves the jumperoo, floor toys, and sitting at her music mirror. She especially loves little ball toys and chewing on Sophie Giraffe.
  • Grabs everything in sight! And she has inspector-gadget arms. She can reach anything it seems! And everything goes straight to the mouth. She esp loves chewing on mommy's left arm.
  • Babbles da-da, ba-ba, y sound and g sound sometimes.
Um and just a random note, I finally got pictures of Remy put in frames around our house! lol Poor baby.

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~Shelly~ said...

Too crazy that she is this old! Presley has been on the HEB sensitive too, it works great for her! And $7 cheaper :) She will be running around the house chasing Rylie before u know it!!