Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter! Easter!


Rylie had Easter party at school Thursday. She saw Cady in chapel & they were so cute hugging and dancing!

Rylie and Logan snacking at the party!

Sister was dressed cute for the party too! hehe! I seriously cant stop laughing at these!

Easter bunny stopped by!

Then egg hunting! Each kid had to find 14 eggs with their name on it-clever!

Found one! Such a good idea at this age when it can get "easy" for them to hunt eggs!

Successful party! Remster was WORN OUT and ready for nap!

We had a crazy Good Friday. A friend came to buy some of Remy's baby clothes, then naps, then I brought dinner to a MOPS friend who has a new baby girl! David cooked a yummy salmon on the grill and had it ready when we got home. Saturday we did a LOT of housework! New paint in a few places, rearranging big furniture, touchup paint other places, pictures rehung in new places, etc. Finally tackling this huge to-do list!

And today was Easter!

Ha! Our best family picture we could get! We were bad and didnt go to church today. First time in years we've missed on Easter. But we knew it'd be super crowded and both girls have had allergy crud so we thought it'd be best to watch church on tv at home. Mimi, Gaga, and uncle Daniel came over and we had a yummy lunch of brisket, deviled eggs, cole slaw, salad, green beans, and rolls.

Then we walked outside to see the Easter bunny had visited!

Remy's Mickey Mouse basket and Rylie's Rapunzel basket

"What's out there Rylie?"

"Oh. My. Gosh. It's the 'bad guy mother!'"

SO excited! She's wanted this Tangled mother doll for months!

And Remy LOVES Mickey Mouse right now! I missed getting a photo of her kissing him!

Then Rylie hunted for her big eggs

Stop for a cute pose =)

Remy's turn to find her little eggs! (Sister helped)

Who knew a simple orange egg would be so entertaining for a baby?

More cute pictures in their outfits!

Rylie did that pose all on her own ;-)

Busted! Easter egg bandit!

"This egg tastes so good!"

And just one more cute one of baby girl on her first Easter.

It's been a great weekend! Hope you all had a good Easter weekend too!


grandma said...

love Remy's hat!!!! Glad you had a good Easter.

~Shelly~ said...

DUDE I thought that was Remy's real hair HAHA!! I was like WOW that was fast!! These are sweet pictures, I love that last one!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Happy (late) Easter! Love the last pic of Remy:)