Monday, April 23, 2012

A Day in Our Life

I started to do one of these in March, took 2 pictures that morning and then spent the day half blind from a scratched eye. lol So I did a recent one last Tues April 17.

Rylie woke me up and I sent her to get dressed while I threw on capri sweats and tshirt. Then I got little sunshine up & dressed!

Girls eating breakfast before taking Rylie to school. We were running a little late this morning.

Back at home and put Remy in her exersaucer while I had cereal, coffee, and looked over coupon ads. The phone rang and I'd forgotten I had a Dr appt that morning. Darnit.

Then Remy practiced her new moves! As of Mon April 16, she's been getting on her hands & knees and started rocking. The next day she started moving a little....almost crawling! Here's video...

Remy took a little morning nap and I cleaned out cookbook holder for garage sale. I should've taken a before picture. This shelf was stuffed full and had 2 huge piles of cooking magazines on top!

Then Remy wkoe up and had some fruit and cereal to eat.

Then we picked up Rylie! I always see them smile at each other when Rylie gets in the car. She had a good day.

I realized I forgot to eat lunch so I grabbed a snack at Sonic with 2 happy hour drinks for Rylie and myself.

Then both girls went down for naps. I kept on eye on Rylie while I ate (still need to order 2nd camera for Remy). Then I worked on more garage sale stuff (so glad it was a success Sat and worth all this work!)

After naps Rylie and I made this easy cookies she picked out with Minnie Mouse on them.

Remy had some squash!

Then we delivered more cookie dough to our neighbors. Rylie sold these tubs for her 1st school fundraiser or "fun school raiser" as she called it.

We played with neighbors outside for a little bit and then David came home and we had dinner and did our normal night routine of baths and bed and cleaning up. Nothing too special =)

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