Monday, April 30, 2012

Rylie Paige-4 1/2

I'm super late getting this together but it's been on my mind for weeks. On Thur April, 19 Rylie turned 4 1/2 and she's so psyched! She cannot wait to turn 5 already lol Mostly because she knows about the special thing we're doing for her birthday.

Anyways, here is what our girl is up to at this time....
  • Coloring! Omg she draws and colors all day long. And she's GOOD at it! She loves making pictures for her friends.
  • She's quite the negotiator. Might have a career in law someday like her Grandaddy and Mr. Bob at Mimi's office!
  • Still loves dressing up and has entered the "dress" phase.
  • Not quite the sleeper she's always been. I wish she'd sleep until 8-830 like she used to!
  • She wakes up, gets herself dressed with what she's picked out herself (we just moved clothes to bottom rack), then gets her banana, yogurt, and cup of milk out of fridge for breakfast and I make her a whole grain blueberry waffle to go with it. She eats breakfast while watching Mickey Mouse while I feed Remy (or somedays in the car on the way to school lol)
  • She absolutely loves her school! She does chapel time at home for us.
  • Everyday she fights us on naps but I still think she needs them. It's hard to be on schedule with them though. MWF she goes down about 130 or 2. Wed we have to leave for dance at 330 so it's cut short. Then T/Th she gets out of school at 230 so she lays down about 245. She's a much better person when she naps!
  • She can write every letter.

  • She's starting math-just addition. And it's mostly from Mickey Mouse! She'll randomly state "2+2+1=5!" among other things.
  • She still loves her dance class a lot! I cant wait for her next recital in May!
  • She asks a lot of questions that she knows the answer too and it drives David and I crazy! Like she'll ask us if a word is pronounced wrong on purpose, even though she's just said the word the correct way 2 seconds ago.
  • She's a great help with Remy! She can always make her smile/laugh when she's cranky. And she loves bringing her toys and sometimes likes to help feed her a bottle. There was a short time a month or so ago she wanted to help change diaper and it was so cute! She also has been waking Remy up during naps "because she wants to play with her." Sweet but annoying lol
  • Her favorite shows are Mickey, Jake and Neverland Pirates, Strawberry Shortcake and she hasnt watched movies lately but it's still Rapunzel as her fav!

  • She always tells us she wants to have family time with all 4 of us.
  • She sounds sassy sometimes with the way she says things,almost like a smart-alec, but she's just so goofy and dramatic. She doesnt mean it to be rude. Her teachers have learned that ;-)
  • I had my 2nd parent-teacher conference and they just love Rylie! They're worried she's not challenged enough but it's because this is her 2nd year to do preschool 3 since her old school wasnt set on birthdays by Sep 1. I think she'll be challenged just fine next year. Her teachers also commented how great Rylie is at playing with everybody. I've seen first hand a few kids only wanting to play with one other certain kid and watching Rylie trying to be included with no luck. I'm so glad Rylie's open to everybody and not so "clique-y."
  • She's still a very picky eater. Will she ever expand her tastes?!
  • She loves riding her big bike, drawing chalk, playing on playground and just running outside.
  • She's the BEST big sister and little girl we could've ever asked for! Just as sweet as can be and we love her more than anything!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Best $1 Ever Spent

Last Saturday we had a garage sale with our neighborhood. I did buy 1 thing from a neighbor during it. For $1 I got this huge Rapunzel movie theater sign for Rylie!

She was so ecstatic when she came home from Mimi's! hehe

It's a triangle and has 3 pictures. She loves it! It's big so I doubt we'll have it for a long time but for $1 it made this little girl so happy for awhile.

So worth it!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Walk, Chalk, Matching Sisters Lunch

These were cell phone pictures I never uploaded

Thu April 12 after naps I took the girls for a walk in the amazing cool weather. Rylie rode her bike next to us.

Then we stopped and Rylie drew with chalk

She was drawing Rapunzel (looks like jellyfish right now lol)

Remy loved sitting outside! We stayed out for 2 hours.

Fri April 13 we met friends for lunch. Raegan and sister Lauren were dressed in cute matching dresses.

And Rylie and Remy happened to be too! Remy even had faux pigtails in similar to Laurens real ones! It was such a cute coincidence. The girls played after eating for a long time!

Remy snacked on some applesauce

And I just had to try one of these! SOOO GOOOD! I'll never lose the baby weight this way, I do realize. But right now I'm just having fun with my girlies. I can always lose it later ;-)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Remy's Silly and Jumping Videos

These 2 videos were from Friday, April 20. Remy loves her jumperoo our friend Melissa gave her! She goes crazy in this thing so I had to get video!

That night David and I tried a new burger place called Pete's and Remy was just having a ball sitting in her seat by us! She was being so silly sticking her tongue out. She's also been doing this growling sound since Mon April 16 that I wanted to capture. It's a 3 min video but it's got it all on there!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

School Spring Photo & Open House

I forgot I never posted Rylie's spring photo from school! How is she getting so big?!

Thursday April 19 her school had an open house & she was so excited to take us to school "after dark" she called it lol And she insisted on pushing Remy in herself.

They had cute bluebonnet tiles the kids made on display. This is Rylie's!

Rylie and her cute cowboy hat craft

This was her umbrella they made. She said the back is orange and if you look closely her name is written in green (sideways)

That's the coveted treasure box! They get to pick a prize every Thur if they've been good all week!

Packing her snack bag before we headed out with her friend Emmery

Then she wanted to say hi to Mrs Beth! Rylie LOVES Mrs Beth! She does "chapel time" at home for us and loves to pretend to be Mrs Beth.

Before we left she showed us her favorite things on the playground! This is the "tower" she calls it.

Of course she loves the swings!

David and his girls in our backyard!

Monday, April 23, 2012

A Day in Our Life

I started to do one of these in March, took 2 pictures that morning and then spent the day half blind from a scratched eye. lol So I did a recent one last Tues April 17.

Rylie woke me up and I sent her to get dressed while I threw on capri sweats and tshirt. Then I got little sunshine up & dressed!

Girls eating breakfast before taking Rylie to school. We were running a little late this morning.

Back at home and put Remy in her exersaucer while I had cereal, coffee, and looked over coupon ads. The phone rang and I'd forgotten I had a Dr appt that morning. Darnit.

Then Remy practiced her new moves! As of Mon April 16, she's been getting on her hands & knees and started rocking. The next day she started moving a little....almost crawling! Here's video...

Remy took a little morning nap and I cleaned out cookbook holder for garage sale. I should've taken a before picture. This shelf was stuffed full and had 2 huge piles of cooking magazines on top!

Then Remy wkoe up and had some fruit and cereal to eat.

Then we picked up Rylie! I always see them smile at each other when Rylie gets in the car. She had a good day.

I realized I forgot to eat lunch so I grabbed a snack at Sonic with 2 happy hour drinks for Rylie and myself.

Then both girls went down for naps. I kept on eye on Rylie while I ate (still need to order 2nd camera for Remy). Then I worked on more garage sale stuff (so glad it was a success Sat and worth all this work!)

After naps Rylie and I made this easy cookies she picked out with Minnie Mouse on them.

Remy had some squash!

Then we delivered more cookie dough to our neighbors. Rylie sold these tubs for her 1st school fundraiser or "fun school raiser" as she called it.

We played with neighbors outside for a little bit and then David came home and we had dinner and did our normal night routine of baths and bed and cleaning up. Nothing too special =)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rylie and I Visit Ft Worth!

So immediately after the Disney on Ice show, Rylie and I were headed out to Ft Worth to visit friends! Saturday just wasnt our day and it was rough getting there. Aside from bad traffic getting to the ice show, after it was over, we couldn't find our car in the parking lot. It was horribly windy and we'd been in such a hurry to get inside when we got there and I couldn't see much from my hair blowing everywhere lol Poor Rylie was so worried! She said "We cant get to Ft Worth without your car!" lol After 30 minutes of walking all over, we finally found it! Did I mention it was also hot?? glad for car air conditioning! So I go to setup our DVD player and couldnt get it to work. I knew we couldn't make the 4 1/2 hr drive without it. Finally 15 minutes later I got it working and we were off!

2 hours into the drive she finally conked out! The headphones were holding her head up lol She was the PERFECT ANGEL the entire drive! And we had great weather. Only thing....I was going to stop in Fairfield for Bush's Chicken snack but Rylie was asleep, so I figured we'd stop 30 min later in Corsicana for that one. Completely missed the exit for it. So we ended up in Ennis at Braum's! We made potty stop first and when we came out a huge bus full of a school sports team was in line. Ugh so it took almost an hour for us to get a snack (we were starving!). Finally made it into Ft Worth and got lost a little in construction. A few street signs were missing and I just thought I didnt need to use my GPS the entire drive (ya know, thinking I knew where I was going lol).

FINALLY we made it to Erin's house Saturday night in time for late dinner! We hung out a little before Caiden went to bed. Rylie was SO GOOD at their house the entire time. Caiden's 2nd birthday is actually tomorrow and his party was yesterday but we couldnt make it so we wanted to visit with them while we were in town & celebrate his birthday then. I didnt get pictures of his cute gift-a toy power drill set with cute eye protection glasses but I think Erin did. We loved getting to see them! Sunday morning we left their house and headed to Owen & Ethan's!

Their joint birthday party was Sun afternoon! I have to add too-when I told Rylie Friday night our weekend plans, she immediately ran to her room and came back with a duffle bag packed with 1 pullup, 1 pair of jammies, and a hairbrush. She was ECSTATIC and ready to go lol!

My sweet girl and I

Their party was at a jumping place and it was so fun! I went down slides with her and jumped a little too.

There were 2 whole rooms we had to ourselves for all the party fun!

She must've slid down this thing 50 times!

This huge bouncer had a big bubble in the middle and this guy was bouncing kids off it!

Rylie loved it!!

This sums up the fun she had at the party!

Singing Happy Birthday....

Susan made YUM-O choc cupcakes with cream cheese frosting!

Rylie loved hers too!

All the kids in the backseat ready to go! hehe (and that's Owen & Ethan's dad)

The kids rested for a little bit and then played after dinner on the boys' new playset. At bedtime Rylie and Owen heard bedtime story together and then Owen said Rylie needed to stay there forever. So sweet! Monday morning we said bye to the boys as they headed to school and then Rylie and I drove home. It was a really smooth drive home and this time we didnt miss Bush's Chicken! We did hit horrible rain as we got into town.

So glad we made the trip to see our friends for all 3 boys' birthdays! Thanks again guys to having us! We love you all!