Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Break! Concert, Group Lunch, Grandma

Last week was Spring Break! Rylie's 1st really since last year she was in her old school and they dont take a break. It was a little crazy with both girls home all day every day but we survived and here's what all we were up to!

Monday-I woke up with another scratched eye (my 3rd since Jan). Fed up with it, I headed with both girls to the eye dr down the street. She confirmed I had 3 scratched on top right where the eyelid hits and 1 in the middle. Thankfully I went there and got some prescription drops to fix it right up!

I was so glad because Monday night my friend Becca invited me to the Zac Brown Band concert at the Houston Rodeo for a girls night!

I felt bad her husband's a big fan of ZBB and couldn't make it (he stayed home with a sick Kendall) but it was so nice of our husbands to stay home with the kids and let us have a girls night out! Such a rare thing!

We had a fun mexican dinner, margaritas, adventurous drive finding a parking spot, witness a cop rake up some bad karma, followed by cowboys, and enjoying some beer/wine at the end!

Tuesday I was supposed to join friends and take the girls to the rodeo carnival but I woke up with horrible allergies. So we stayed home in pj's while I started zyrtec, sudafed, and mucinex. My grandma had taken a turn for the worse on Mon and I got the call during naptime Tue that she'd passed. It's sad that she's gone forever but it's very calming knowing she's not in pain anymore.

Wednesday we cleaned up the house and Rylie got a huge surprise! Her friend Owen and his brother Ethan and mommy Susan came to visit! I wish I'd taken photos of them. They stopped by to surprise Rylie and then we all met friends for lunch!

Cutest photo!!! I really wish Kate was able to make it with us! The kiddos had fun on the playground this local bbq place has. Both girls napped hard after!

Thursday I had to take Rylie to get some new spring/summer clothes. She had NO shorts or capris and it's been wicked hot/humid already. Then we stopped for a late lunch at Chick Fil-A while it was empty. Remy ate some applesauce there and napped while Rylie burned off energy on the playground. That night we headed up to Waco for my Grandma's service. We got in so late and didnt sleep much with my allergy coughing and Remy woke up and cried everytime I coughed.

Friday morning was the service in Valley Mills. It was a beautiful service and the girls did great. Rylie's still had a lot of questions. It's hard explaining to a 4 year old what's going on. I also didnt know it'd be open casket and tried to keep her from seeing it until her cousin showed it to her. Then Rylie announces to everyone "Great-Grandma's not in heaven! She's just sleeping!" Nice.

We had a big lunch with everyone after the service and took a family photo with my dad, his kids, and grandkids since we're never all in one place. We had to head back to Houston after the service and couldn't make the burial. It was an hour north in Cleburne, where Grandma's husband was buried 20 years ago. 

We stopped to eat dinner on our way home and decided to try the highchair with Remy for the 1st time. She loved it! She just sat and watched us the whole time. I had packed her some of my homemade baby food to feed her and it worked out great.

We had a crazy busy weekend too so I'll post those separately next!

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