Tuesday, March 13, 2012

School Rodeo Day

Last Thursday Rylie's school had "Rodeo Day." I think her last school did this but I never dressed her for it. I only did this year because they have a photographer do portraits at this school. A little weird to me....but I didnt grow up in Houston. I also find it odd they call it "rodeo season" around here and businesses actually decorate for it. But again, I didnt grow up here! So I wasnt so into going all out on Rylie's "rodeo" outfit for school.

I just bought a bandana from Hobby Lobby to add to her current wardrobe! I thought it was pretty fitting. She wasnt so into it at first but I swore everyone else would be dressed similar at school so that convinced her.

Actually, she thought at first this was a "carrier" like she's seen me carry Remy in and carried Minnie Mouse around all morning!

And here's her photographer shot from school! So cute! And no we dont own any cowboy hats or boots. lol I do swear we're real Texans, ya'll!