Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Remy's 6 Months Old!

Last Friday Remy turned 6 months old! Wow! It goes by so fast with the 2nd one!

She had her checkup last Tuesday
She's 14lb 15oz (31.85%) and 25.1inches (30.87%)
Growing great!

She also LOVED playing with the paper on the table!

It kept her occupied during the long wait for the Dr!

So this was a pretty big month again. She has 2 teeth in now
Both bottom center
She tried out the food-net-chewing-thing last week with a few mandarin oranges inside. She loved it! They were also cold in the fridge so that felt good on her teeth!

Additional developments this past month:

* Wears 6 mo clothes and some 3-6 mo. She's getting tall tho!
* Size 2 diaper and moving into 3 once we finish the next pack.
* Drinks 7 oz formula each feeding. Just moved to level 3 nipples.
* On heb brand low lactose formula now HALLELUJAH! Since Similac sensitive did great for her, we're now on generic. Hello pay raise! We went from paying $27 every 3 days on Similac Alimentum to now paying $15 a week on generic low lactose! Yay! Hopefully she'll do ok on regular formula soon too now that her stomach's more developed.
* Eating fruits and veggies baby food. She has about 1oz fruit mixed with rice cereal (just until we finish the cereal up) for breakfast with full 7oz bottle, then 7oz bottles during day (still every 2.45-3hrs), then 2oz veggies and 4oz bottle at dinner.
* Fav foods-squash, sweet potato, green beans, peas, carrots, avocado, apples/blackberry, plums, apple/blueberry, bananas
* Food dislikes-pears, mangos
* Pulls feet to her mouth now
* Sitting on her own (I still wont say completely full time because she still does occasionally fall over)
* Loves taking a bath-sitting in big girl part of tub now.
* Favorite toy is jumper by far! She still loves her other things too she's always played with.
* Not really on nap schedule lately....I think it's changes in eating and teeth coming in that have thrown her off.
* Still sleeps about 7pm to 7-730am.
* Grabs everything in front of her to feel its texture and also to chew on. Especially into grabbing hair right now!
* Pretty attached to Mommy holding her lately
* Loves being on her belly! Rylie hated this so it's funny to me. Remy always flips over immediately onto her belly, esp at bedtime and sleeps with her feet tucked under her and booty in the air!
* Can roll around the floor to get to what she wants like Mommy sitting nearby.
* Still likes the paci-I just bought the bigger size to see if it'd stay in better. But I'm also seeing her suck her thumb at times. Yikes!
* Loves her new lovey I got while in Ft Worth a few weeks ago!
* Still has pretty sensitive skin. Her diaper has to be changed every hour and gets red pretty easily. We've gone through a lot of diaper rash cream since she was born but thankfully only had just the one rash so far. Rylie has recently been asking to change her diaper so she's learning and being a big help.
* Outgrown first baby items-the bouncer seat and cradle seat (and they're for sale!)
* She gives Rylie the biggest smiles and they just love each other so much! She's just the happiest baby in the world!


EMonaghan said...

So did you just happen to have blankets to match the stickers or did you buy them intentionally? It is so cute that way and really puts the focus on her!

Ashlee McCrary said...

Ha! Actually I had it all already but I had to get creative! The yellow backgrounds davids shirt, the blue is gift wrap tissue paper and for orange I really thot I was going to have to take her to walmart & snap a pic on a bath mat til I remembered we had an orange swim towel lol not sure if shell be too long for the same backgrounds the next 6 mos tho!