Saturday, March 31, 2012

Playground with my Buddies

Right after bluebonnet pictures I took Rylie to the playground down the street. I'd promised her she could go if she napped. Then we hollared at some friends to join us too!

Kendall and Rylie kept racing down the slide ahead of each other, then tattling on each other for not waiting to go together. lol Such drama at 4 years old!

Kinda hard to see, but in the middle Rylie (yellow shirt) is hanging on this circle thing that spins around. She loves doing that and it surprises me because she's not a daredevil at all!

And this little sugar rode in the baby swing for the first time!

I think this expressions says it all about how she liked it =)

Big girls swinging on the big swings!

We stayed for quite awhile and I missed photos of the girls running around with Charlotte. I wish the mosquitos weren't so bad already so we could go more often!

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