Thursday, March 22, 2012

The New Rapunzel

Everyone who's seen Tangled knows at the end Rapunzel gets her hair cut off and it turns brown. Disney has a new little short movie called "Tangled Ever After" and there's a clip of it on the Disney site. They've now brought out this new Rapunzel wedding collection that Rylie's excited about because her hair's now short like this Rapunzel. I took her to the Disney store to pick out 1 new princess dress while they were on sale. She picked the Rapunzel wedding set!

Our new Rapunzel bride!

She looks so beautiful in this dress!

I forgot a picture of the ring that came with it. It's just such a beautiful set. I wish it came in my size Ha!

(I will warn you if you decide to get this dress, it's way more glittery than the original rapunzel costume!)