Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mommy-Rylie Date

Sunday afternoon Rylie and I had a date. It's been long overdue! Remy stayed home with Daddy.

First we picked up cupcakes before they closed. Then went to the painting place! I cant show you what she made though because it might be a special gift for 2 blog readers ;-)

Then we tried the Mexican restaurant nearby. We were bummed we couldnt get a table outside. The weather was perfect. They were also out of color pages so Rylie was bummed til we goofed off taking pictures before our "chips and cheese" arrived-her favorite thing to eat!

Then we got to enjoy our cupcakes! Can you feel the excitement Rylie has there?! My little chocolate lover! She was so funny.....she didnt exactly make a happy plate, said she was really full, but wanted her cupcake. I said "If you're so full, where are you going to put your cupcake?" And she said "Oh right here by my plate!" lol She kills me.

This was my cupcake-cookie dough. OMG! So good! Both of us could only eat half our cupcakes because they were so sweet, but they tasted good leftover too =)

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