Monday, March 26, 2012

Meet Goldie

David and Rylie LOVE going into Petco to look at all the animals. I always tell them not to buy a dog or cat. I should've said don't buy anything lol The other day they walked out with a surprise.

Meet Rylie's first pet, Goldie! A red male beta fish. She named him Goldie after Mickey Mouse's pet goldfish.

She was SO excited about this fish and couldn't wait to feed him when we got home and showered. She couldn't even wait until after drying hair lol

So Daddy helped her feed him (which she calls the fish "her") and is so cute with Goldie! Every night she tells "her" goodnight and every morning she tells "her" good morning first thing! And she's always worried her fish is hungry. She thinks it needs to eat everytime she does lol

I think this fish is the perfect thing to keep her occupied, help teach her responsibility, and gives her something to focus on when Remy can be most of the focus lately. I wish we'd gotten Goldie sooner! Welcome to the family little guy!


EMonaghan said...

that's a great pet! take good care of goldie, Rylie!

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

Welcome to the beta family:) I love ours. Perfect pet!