Friday, March 16, 2012

Kate's 4th birthday

This past Saturday Rylie attended Kate's 4th birthday party at a local gymnastics place! I didnt tell her until we were heading there where it was and she immediately said "I'm not going to do a flip!" I could tell she was a little worried about it.

But once she got there and saw she could jump a lot on the trampolines, she was in heaven! (She's in the middle in the air with dark blue sweater on)

And she did ok in the obstacle course they led them through. I didnt get many pictures because we werent allowed on the floor with them and only had our little camera which doesnt zoom far.

And I mostly kept Remy occupied too! She liked playing with Grayson!

After a lot of playing, it was time to sing to the birthday girl!

And have yummy cupcakes! It's safe to say Rylie had a blast at your party Kate! Happy 4th birthday!

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