Thursday, March 1, 2012

Jumping and Sitting!

Remy's been up to jumping in her jumperoo and starting to sit fulltime this week!

I have to put a blanket under her so she can reach but she goes to town in this thing!

She LOVES the animals that hang down!

Current favorite toy to play in!

And today my big girl was really sitting for a long time!

She's been leaning forward a lot but is now starting to sit more upright.

Then laid down for a break.

Then back up again! I dangle toys above her to get her used to sitting more up. She's doing GREAT at keeping her balance! Rylie was just bigger at this age and starting sitting sooner than Remy. Rylie had chunkier legs and bottom to hold herself up LOL

And playing with her feet! This month she's started pulling them to her mouth and loves looking at her hands and feet and just watching them intently as she moves them slowly. It's so cute!

And she's always on her belly! Everytime we lay her down, she flips over immediately.

She was hilarious in this pictures moving around so fast like she was swimming in place.

Then she stopped and gave me this cute look..... she was asking "have I gone anywhere mom?" I think she wants to move around to catch up with sister!


Jennifer said...

Cute! I love her striped pants!

grandma said...

Remy is a "little Rylie". I can't get over how much Remy looks just like Rylie at this age. Remy is getting so big and so Cute.

Brittany and Charlie-Social Butterfly said...

So cute in those leggings!