Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Houston Rodeo Carnival!

Sunday we took the girls to the carnival on the last day. It was Rylie's 1st time to ever go to a carnival and ride kiddie rides so she was excited! We got in the long bathroom line first and did that. Then ate some yummy frito pie! Then hit up the rides!

Remy had fun too! 

In line for the medium size ferris wheel! Rylie insisted on riding alone but I said no way!

It's a good thing I didnt take the girls alone last week because most of the rides Rylie needed an adult to ride with.

Dragon roller coaster. She's in the middle with pink bow in hair.

Remy smiling again! She napped off and on the whole time.

Spinning tea cups with daddy!

They were spinning so fast this was the best pic of them. Another girl had to ride with them too.

And last ride-the big slide with daddy!

Her favorite ride of course! She begged to ride over and over but we were out of tickets!

Got a pic in astronaut costume on the way out. We had a blast!

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