Saturday, March 31, 2012

Playground with my Buddies

Right after bluebonnet pictures I took Rylie to the playground down the street. I'd promised her she could go if she napped. Then we hollared at some friends to join us too!

Kendall and Rylie kept racing down the slide ahead of each other, then tattling on each other for not waiting to go together. lol Such drama at 4 years old!

Kinda hard to see, but in the middle Rylie (yellow shirt) is hanging on this circle thing that spins around. She loves doing that and it surprises me because she's not a daredevil at all!

And this little sugar rode in the baby swing for the first time!

I think this expressions says it all about how she liked it =)

Big girls swinging on the big swings!

We stayed for quite awhile and I missed photos of the girls running around with Charlotte. I wish the mosquitos weren't so bad already so we could go more often!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Blue Beauties

I finally got the girls a few pictures in the bluebonnets! Actually we took a few pictures while we were in Waco because they're everywhere up there but they didnt turn out cute. So I found a small patch of them off the road by our house and attempted it again!

Unfortunately, all Remy wanted to do was grab at the flowers!

And she tried to eat the flowers.

And finally both girls looked up!
Remy's outfit was given to me by my former boss at the church nursery when Rylie was born. It was supposed to be Rylie's 1st bluebonnet pictures outfit but I remember it rained every weekend in Waco that year and we never took them. Glad I hung on to the outfit =)

Sweet girls

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bedtime Beauty Shop & Baby Training

Sunday night after baths, I sat Remy at Rylie's vanity in her room and Rylie wanted to style her hair!

It was seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen!

And Remster did her own hair too.

Then Rylie showed Remy how to feed a baby doll a bottle

Remy thought the bottle was for her

After we took that away, she tried to eat the baby

Ahhh there we go! She's got it right now! Hair styled, training complete, time for bed! =)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mommy-Rylie Date

Sunday afternoon Rylie and I had a date. It's been long overdue! Remy stayed home with Daddy.

First we picked up cupcakes before they closed. Then went to the painting place! I cant show you what she made though because it might be a special gift for 2 blog readers ;-)

Then we tried the Mexican restaurant nearby. We were bummed we couldnt get a table outside. The weather was perfect. They were also out of color pages so Rylie was bummed til we goofed off taking pictures before our "chips and cheese" arrived-her favorite thing to eat!

Then we got to enjoy our cupcakes! Can you feel the excitement Rylie has there?! My little chocolate lover! She was so funny.....she didnt exactly make a happy plate, said she was really full, but wanted her cupcake. I said "If you're so full, where are you going to put your cupcake?" And she said "Oh right here by my plate!" lol She kills me.

This was my cupcake-cookie dough. OMG! So good! Both of us could only eat half our cupcakes because they were so sweet, but they tasted good leftover too =)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Jumped Into Dreamyland

Saturday morning Remy literally jumped herself into a dreamy slumber!

She'd been fighting that nap all morning and finally wore herself out!

Sweet little sugar!

Sweet dreams in her jumperoo! Sometimes they just cant fight it any longer!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Meet Goldie

David and Rylie LOVE going into Petco to look at all the animals. I always tell them not to buy a dog or cat. I should've said don't buy anything lol The other day they walked out with a surprise.

Meet Rylie's first pet, Goldie! A red male beta fish. She named him Goldie after Mickey Mouse's pet goldfish.

She was SO excited about this fish and couldn't wait to feed him when we got home and showered. She couldn't even wait until after drying hair lol

So Daddy helped her feed him (which she calls the fish "her") and is so cute with Goldie! Every night she tells "her" goodnight and every morning she tells "her" good morning first thing! And she's always worried her fish is hungry. She thinks it needs to eat everytime she does lol

I think this fish is the perfect thing to keep her occupied, help teach her responsibility, and gives her something to focus on when Remy can be most of the focus lately. I wish we'd gotten Goldie sooner! Welcome to the family little guy!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Outfit Spotlight

So I'm probably the least-fashionable person alive. Dont get me wrong, I love clothes and I love shopping. But I'm horrible at putting together cute outfits. I like when stores do the work for me lol But every once in awhile I put something together on my own that I'm excited to wear.

My friend Brianna from pageant days is the most fashionable person ever! She's really great inspiration and does sporadic posts about outfits she's put together. I got motivated by these to be a bit more fashionable. I mean, it's hard sometimes being a SAHM and still trying to get my body back after #2. Jeans and plain shirt are my go-to. Last week I did dress up a little with this outfit I put together.

Yall dont laugh at me! I have no idea if this really "goes" and if it's in style or not, but I like it!

Target-light turquoise blue short-sleeve cropped sweater
Target-cotton long sleeveless shirt
Charming Charlie-gold and red necklace, earring set
(Jeans are big on me so I didnt take full length photo. I need to buy new ones that fit.

And Target red ballet flats

I love this blue sweater and also would wear it with a pale pink sleeveless shirt and chunky pearl necklace for spring. I just love this outfit with red accents because red and turquoise arent paired often but I think they look so pretty together and not as plain as white or black with it.

So Brianna, you're the expert! Please tell me how I did! =)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The New Rapunzel

Everyone who's seen Tangled knows at the end Rapunzel gets her hair cut off and it turns brown. Disney has a new little short movie called "Tangled Ever After" and there's a clip of it on the Disney site. They've now brought out this new Rapunzel wedding collection that Rylie's excited about because her hair's now short like this Rapunzel. I took her to the Disney store to pick out 1 new princess dress while they were on sale. She picked the Rapunzel wedding set!

Our new Rapunzel bride!

She looks so beautiful in this dress!

I forgot a picture of the ring that came with it. It's just such a beautiful set. I wish it came in my size Ha!

(I will warn you if you decide to get this dress, it's way more glittery than the original rapunzel costume!)

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Houston Rodeo Carnival!

Sunday we took the girls to the carnival on the last day. It was Rylie's 1st time to ever go to a carnival and ride kiddie rides so she was excited! We got in the long bathroom line first and did that. Then ate some yummy frito pie! Then hit up the rides!

Remy had fun too! 

In line for the medium size ferris wheel! Rylie insisted on riding alone but I said no way!

It's a good thing I didnt take the girls alone last week because most of the rides Rylie needed an adult to ride with.

Dragon roller coaster. She's in the middle with pink bow in hair.

Remy smiling again! She napped off and on the whole time.

Spinning tea cups with daddy!

They were spinning so fast this was the best pic of them. Another girl had to ride with them too.

And last ride-the big slide with daddy!

Her favorite ride of course! She begged to ride over and over but we were out of tickets!

Got a pic in astronaut costume on the way out. We had a blast!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

St Patty's-Kai Bday and Logan Bday

Saturday we were busy with 2 birthday parties!

Rylie's next door friend Kai turned 4 and had a fun party at Old McDonald Farm.
Rylie rode the pony rides over and over!
And Remy took a turn too!
Rylie also played in the sand pile. I couldn't pry her away from it!

And saw a lot of animals!

Rylie and Kai

Singing time!

I took Rylie on the trian ride. She's been to 2 other parties here before and never got to ride the train so it was a priority this time! We had to head out early and clean up for the next party...

Logan's turning 4 too! He had a Peter Pan party at Kids in Action.

Rylie and Remy had a blast playing!

Remy really got into this party!

Rylie's friend Gilbert from school and Cady were there too

Remy got to ride the roller coaster slowly with sister!

Listening to instructions....hehe see Remy sitting with big kids?

Singing to birthday boy!

Time for cake!

Heading out! I took way too many pictures to post them all but we had a blast Saturday celebrating both birthday boys parties! The girls crashed when we got home!